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Where to find cloth face masks? Yes! It has been the most searched question in the Coronavirus situation. Apart from this question, many other real queries require answers. Can face masks help to prevent the spread of the deadly virus? Where can we find the perfect face mask that will protect us from this uncertain situation? So, this piece of writing has answers for queries with solutions.

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.”

There is nothing that can replace the social distancing, but face masks can help you in congested areas like grocery stores and pharmacies. “Face Mask Now” is a credible face masks dealer, and according to them, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 by using face masks in the community. Our first and foremost duty is not to compromise on our health, and nowadays, our health is directly related to wearing cloth face masks.

What makes “Face Mask Now” special? 

As we already discussed that “Face mask now” is one of the most credible suppliers of cloth face mask where you can get the desired item sitting in the comfort of your home.

Here are the following specifications of this brand which makes it unique from others;

  • They have delivered over 2 million cloth face masks to individuals and businesses in just three months.
  • The cloth face masks are of premium quality and made with the super-soft cloth with 2-3 layers to protect you from toxic viruses and germs.
  • The lightweight facemasks have flexible ear loops that have the capacity of universal fit.  
  • The cloth face is made up of high-quality fabric in a reasonable price range.
  • If you order $20 of the cloth face mask, you get free home delivery.
  • If you buy two face masks, 5-packs then you get a face mask laundry bag for free. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Apart from the virus protection, you can use these premium quality face masks for hygiene, home cleaning, nail salon, and foodservice. In short, “Face Mask Now” is offering a multi-purpose product at minimum price.

Different categories of cloth facemasks offered by “Face Mask Now.”

“If you want to keep yourself protected, the first thing you have to do is to wear a mask.”

I know you have seen so many links to buy a coronavirus mask online, but “Face Mask Now” is giving you an ultimate solution with so many different types. These are the following cloth face masks categories that you can find at the main web page; 

  • Adult size face masks (with neutral colors) 
  • Adult sized face masks (with separate color for ladies & Gents) 
  • Kid’s size face mask 

Mainly this venture caters to the above three types, and now we elaborate these types separately with specifications. 

Adult sized face masks (with neutral colors) 

Different types of face masks are available at the main website, and you can get fantastic discount offers if you order in bulk. The adult-sized cloth face masks come in neutral colors and are highly suitable for ladies and gents. These face covers come in 2-ply and 3-ply options, and you can use it at work, school, or while grocery shopping.

Adult face masks (separate colors for ladies and gents) 

These face masks are exactly like the above one; the only difference is in their color. “Face Mask Now” is offering the most demanded color “PINK” for the ladies and black, gray, white, etc. for men. The lady’s cloth face masks have separate fittings and loops that are perfect for them. 

Kids face masks


Children in white protective face masks go in for cycling. Pause in cycling.

Adult-sized face masks do not fit kids; that’s why “Face mask now” offers a separate range for them. These 2-ply face masks came in various colors and made up of 60% cotton and 40% polyester material. The kid-size face masks are easy to put on and provides the best fitting for kids.

What are the different types of face masks that are available at “Face Mask Now”?

In the above lines, we have discussed different categories in which “face mask now” caters. Here are the following types of face masks that you can find in each category with specifications and deals; 

5-pack of 2-ply recycled cloth face masks 

  • It comes with an agreement of 5 face masks with 2-ply.
  • The price of these faces masks is 29.95 dollars.
  • These Face masks are washable.
  • And it comes in white, black, heather gray and navy colors for diversity. 

5-pack of 3-ply masks with filter pocket 

  • It comes in a package of 5 face masks with 3-ply. 
  • It has an extra feature of a filter pocket that helps in preventing you from contracting the virus.
  • It comes in white, yellow, black, royal, gray, and pink. 
  • You can order any color for $39.95.

5-pack of 3-ply cloth face masks 

  • It comes in the deal of 5 cloth face masks with a 3-ply feature.
  • The price of this set is $34.95. 
  • You can order it in white and light heather gray. 

5-pack of practice safe smiling 3-ply face masks with filter pocket

  • These face masks are the star of the whole series and come in 5-pieces, three-ply features.
  • It has an extra styling feature with a smiley to put a smile on your face.
  • You can get these masks with an extra filter pocket for $44.95 dollars.
  • These masks come in only two colors; white and black. 

2-ply cloth face masks variety 5-pack 

  • You can get these 2-ply cloth face masks in the package of 5 covers.
  • These masks come in different colors, including two white, one navy, 1 gray, and 1 in black.
  • You can get this fantastic offer for just $27.95

5-pack of 3-ply USA-MADE cloth face masks 

  • If you prefer USA-MADE products, then this 3-ply face mask is perfect, which comes in a five-pack pack.
  • It is washable. 
  • You have the opportunity to choose between white and black color.
  • These fantastic recyclable masks come in at $49.95 with free home delivery.

5-pack of 3-ply masks with filter pocket petite size 

  • This 5-pack of 3-ply face masks are best for the kids and ladies due to the small size.
  • It has an extra feature of a filter pocket.
  • You can choose from different colors like pink, royal, gray, yellow, and white. 
  • The price range of these cloth face masks is only $39.95.

Masks for good: 3-ply with a filter pocket

  • These different face masks come with the image and strong message printed on it. 
  • The extra feature of the filter pocket compliments the 3-ply feature.
  • It only comes in black color at the price of $39.95.

Masks for a variety pack

  • The 3-ply masks come in a variety pack with different colors, including white, pink, and black.
  • The strong message printed on it enhances the look of the mask.
  • The price of these five-pack masks is $39.95.

Pros and cons of cloth face masks available at “Face mask now.”

These are the pros and cons of the above cloth face masks that are available at this store; 


  • These cloth face masks are best to prevent community transfer of the virus.
  • Cloth face masks come at a new affordable price with free delivery.
  • The face masks are recyclable, washable, and re-usable.
  • The 2-ply and the 3-ply feature ensures an extra precautionary measure. 
  • These masks have a separate color range for ladies and gents.
  • Kid’s mask has the perfect fitting with extra filter feature. 
  • A variety of colors to give you more options while purchasing


  • Cloth face masks are not suitable to use in health care, surgical setting, clinical setting, and or in the presence of flammable gasses. 

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