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What’s the best water pitcher filter is the question for those who live with problem water. According to consumer reports 2019 survey, most people complain about the unpleasant smell and taste of water. The report says most people prefer to use a water filter built into the refrigerators or pitcher style.

Water pitcher filters are quick, easy, and convenient to clean water. You only need to pour tap water into it, place it in the refrigerator, and wait for the clean water to flow through. Some container filters take a few minutes to purify the water, while for others, it is just a matter of 30 seconds. So, to have the best home water filter suggestions, it is vital to dive deep into our writing piece.  

Here is our pick from the masses

We want to guide you, so you know why the filter was selected.

Crystal quest pitcher filter

Pitcher Water Filter by Crystal Quest, 4-stage Filtration, CQPT

Although there are many other available recommendations for a quality product, you should look at this. It is a large capacity water pitcher that provides clean, chilled, and good tasting water in a few seconds. One of the shining qualities of this filter is winning “Best Buy” by consumer magazines for several years.  

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Highlighted features; 

For an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the product, it is good to know the highlighted features. These features can help you make the right decision.

  • The crystal quest pitcher removes up to 99% contamination and chlorine from the water.
  • The pitcher capacity is impressive, and it can contain up to 10 cups of water at a time.
  • The design of the pitcher is perfectly suitable to keep it in the refrigerator. The slim and space-efficient style is friendly and occupies minimum space.
  • The contemporary and stylish design which comes with the lid is easy to refill. The handle and refill are very comfortable when it comes to pouring water.
  • It can last for 6-12 months with an uninterrupted clean water supply. The approximate water supply is up to 2000 gallons.
  • The 5-micron pre-filter pad reduces the undissolved matter in water.
  • The weight is 1.4lbs, which is very easy to carry, and it comes in two colors to gives you variety.

How does it filter water?

The crystal quest pitcher filter by filterwater.com is one of the leading brands that comes with four stages of water filtration. Here are the 4stages that ensures you receive clean water

Stage 1; At the first stage, the one-micron sediment pre-filter ensures the removal of dirt or any other large particles from water.

Stage 2; At the second step, the eagle redox alloy 6500 and 9500 work to reduce the iron, mercury, copper-nickel, and dissolved metals. It also makes water free from the bacteria and increases the life of water.

Stage 3; At step three, the ion exchange, certified by the WQA and NSF 61 standard, removes heavy metals. Heavy metal includes lead, copper, aluminum, and water hardness.  

Stage 4; The final stage of water filtration in which the granulate active carbon or coconut shell carbon does their magic. These advanced technologies help to reduce chlorine, pesticides, and cancer-causing life-threatening chemicals.  

Pros and cons of having crystal quest pitcher filter

The added quality filter comes with the following pros and cons, which will help you thoroughly know its value.


  • It is NSF certified, which efficiently removes many containments. You can rarely find this star feature in any other water pitcher.
  • The results have scientific studies that clearly show that the crystal quest pitcher cleans water thoroughly, which helps you avoid diseases. The diseases could be breast cancer, early puberty in females, high miscarriage rate, and immune system dysfunction.
  • It comes at a fair price, which is  $39.95, with an extra $21 for filter cost.
  • There is a comparison study of crystal quests with other filters, which is undoubtedly a game-winning investment.
  • Easy to use and super portable 


  • It may not be suitable for large families due to the water capacity of 10 cups.

You can check out the Crystal Quest Water pitcher here.


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