What is the best home water filthe

What is the best home water filter

Living well during this pandemic means you have to eat well and drink enough water. Clean water, to be precise. While you cannot trust the quality of your municipal or well water, a filter is capable of protecting you and your folks from potentially toxic impurities and enhance the taste of water. Knowing this, what is the best home water filter?

In this article, we will be looking at quality home water filter options. Remember: the cleaner the water, the healthier you are.  

Why you need a home water filter

While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in charge of supplying public water, they do not guarantee that your water will be free of specific impurities like fluoride, copper, cadmium, asbestos, chlorine, lead, nitrates, and more.

However, before investing in a home filtration system, you need to know your water source and its likely impurities.

According to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should test the water from your private well in a certified laboratory at least once in a year.

If you use public water in the United States of America, the EPA sends you a water bill that states the quality of your drinking water and the likely impurities in it. 

Even if you’re not concerned with the quality of your drinking water (which you should), a home water filter significantly enhances the taste of your tap or well water. The truth is until you have had pure water, you’ll never know how terrible your municipal tap water is. 

Even the CDC says there are several impurities in tap water you cannot smell, taste, or see. If you are still uncertain that your water source is free of contaminants, getting a home water filter is essential. 

Of course, no home water filter will eliminate all impurities. Still, getting the best screen will significantly lower your chances of getting sick due to poor water quality. 

Before buying a water filter

We will be looking at all kinds of home filters—from countertop water filters and household water filtration systems to portable water filters and water bottle filters.

Before buying any water filtration system, you should consider its speed of filtration, the impurities it is designed to remove, the size of your family, and its ease of installation and maintenance.  

Water Bottle Filters

Water bottle filter

Water bottle filter

If you are keen on drinking eco-friendly filtered water while reducing the number of plastic bottles you dispose of, a water bottle filter is an answer. Instead of depending on bottled water while on lockdown, a reusable water bottle filter lets you filter ordinary tap water and well water repeatedly.

Handy and convenient water bottle filters are simply bottles with a built-in filtration system designed to remove specific contaminants—chemicals or disease-causing germs.

Some water bottle filters are made to treat municipal water, some (made for outdoors and travel) can disinfect water from lakes, streams, and ponds, and some can do both home and outdoors. The sleek and slender shape of these bottles makes them easy to store in a backpack or keep in your fridge. 

Some water filtration bottles are designed to filter water as you’re drinking it while some are designed to filter as you’re pouring it into the container. Note that these bottles are capable of removing a limited number of contaminants. Most bottles have unique filtration systems that consist of activated (slightly electro-positive) charcoal that filters most of the chlorine, nitrates and some heavy metals 

While this filtration system does not filter as effectively as distillation or reverse osmosis system, these bottles are cost-effective, ready-to-go, great alternatives to disinfection tablets, and eco-friendly as they reduce your plastic footprint.

Here are some of the best bottle water filters in the market: 

  1. 22 Ounce Sport Berkey Water Filtration Bottle

Although this water filter bottle is specially designed for survivalists and adventurers, you can as well use it at home. Designed with an efficient and safe filtration system, Sport Berkey Water Filtration Bottle is one durable investment with a storage shelf life of 50 years.

The 11″ tall, BPA-free, food-grade plastic bottle uses an ionic adsorption micro-filtration technology that filters sub-standard water via molecular attraction of impurities through a straw.

With a capacity of 22 ounces of water, this portable bottle is a perfect emergency supply.

It filters out and significantly reduces the concentration of chemicals and impurities, like chlorine, sediment, silt, petroleum-based contaminants, pharmaceuticals, agricultural waste products and byproducts, detergents, heavy metals, and dangerous organic compounds, in water.

For untreated or questionable water, Sport Berkey can do 160 refills (25 gallons), while its refill capacity for municipal tap water is 640 refills (100 Gallons).

 Before using, poured water in the Sport Berkey and tighten the cap firmly to prevent leaks. Then the pull down the loop on the lid to lower the straw. Then squeeze the bottle to force the water through the medical-grade filter, emptying the water as much as you can. Repeat this process twice to flush out manufacturing dust from the screen. 


  • Portable and suitable for outdoors and emergencies
  • It provides low-cost clean water whenever you need it.
  • It’s a durable bottle with a 50-year shelf life. 


  • Leaky when turned on its head despite advanced water filtration technology.
  • Takes a little effort to squeeze water out
  • Does not filter out fluoride.
  1. The Journey™ Water Purification Bottle

Another excellent water filter bottle is The Journey™ Water Purification Bottle, providing quality water at home or outside.

Asides the product being lab-certified, The Journey Bottle follows the EPA micro-water purifier standards for filtering about 99.99% of germs (e.coli, cholera, and salmonella) and protozoan (cryptosporidium and giardia), thereby making water drinkable.

The 24-ounce bottle is capable of purifying about 250 gallons of polluted water. It comes with a covered cap and a flip-up silicone mouthpiece. The plastic bottle is reusable, BPA-free, durable, and eco-friendly. 

The filtration system of The Journey Bottle uses hydrazine technology. The system is chemical-free yet capable of reducing chemicals (pharmaceuticals and fluoride) and heavy metals (arsenic and lead) in contaminated non-saltwater. 

The water filter bottle is battery-free, ultraviolet-bulb free, and easy to use. Simply pour the questionable water into the bottle and squeeze the bottle to drink. Though The Journey Bottle is sold as a backpacking, hiking, camping, and survival necessity, you can use it at home as well.


  • Lightweight and compact—fits well in your backpack
  • Advanced filtering system
  • Easy to use


  • The large filter takes up a lot of interior bottle space
  • Costly
  1. Seychelle Filtered Water Bottle Oz with Flip Top

If you’re searching for style and efficiency, the 28-ounce Seychelle Filtered Water Bottle is the perfect bottle. The bottle comes with no-slip base and a nice insulator sleeve you can attach to your backpack or belt. 

With a filtering capacity of 100 gallons, the Seychelle Filtered Water Bottle removes about 99.99% of contaminants.

The bottle uses an ionic-adsorption micro-filtration to reduce the concentration of chemicals (toxic chemical, agricultural, and industrial pollutants, detergents, and chlorine) and heavy metals (mercury, lead, copper, and aluminum) in polluted water. 

Seychelle Filtered Water Bottle is also EPA-proven to significantly filter sediments, dirt, odor while providing the clarity and taste of water.

Note that, like most water filter bottles, Seychelle Filtered Water Bottle filters all water except saltwater.


  • Filters germs and radiological impurities
  • Great for outdoors


  • Does not purify saltwater
  • Cap threading looks a bit flimsy


  1. Seychelle Stainless Filtered Water Bottle With Flip Top

The flip-top Seychelle Stainless Steel Water Bottle is suitable for people who love the outdoors as well as people who just want clean water at home. The bottle cleans 100 gallons of water, taking out 99.99% of impurities.

The 27-ounce stainless steel bottle is lead-free and reusable. The filters are replaceable and are designed with an ionic-adsorption micro-filtration system.

It filters significantly toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and even radiological waste like cesium, uranium, plutonium, radon, and radium. If you want improved taste and clarity too, go for this bottle. 


  • Durable stainless steel product
  • Advanced and filtration system with long-term replacement filter
  • Fits snugly in backpacks and cup holders
  • Leak-proof and air-tight 


  • Water does not flow out freely
  • Doesn’t insulate heated water

Countertop Water Filters

Countertop water filters icon

Countertop water filters icon

Countertop water filters are probably the most accessible type of home filters to install. You simply attach them via a tube to your kitchen faucet

Asides from being inexpensive, countertop water filters are portable, perfect for small households, and people who want clean water without the cost of installation and maintenance. 

Countertop systems are installed on the kitchen counter and next to a sink. They are often designed to filter water through a single point: your faucet. Although countertop systems are smaller in size than your household multi-stage units, they filter a broad spectrum of impurities.

Here are some of the best countertop water filters in the market.

  1. CRYSTAL QUEST Triple Stainless Steel Countertop Nitrate Filter 

 Triple Stainless Steel Countertop Nitrate Water Filter promises and delivers on one thing: to filter nitrates and a wide range of contaminants from your tap water. 

Nitrates easily dissolve in drinking water (found in groundwater) due to contamination from agricultural waste, feedlots, and septic systems. At a more significant concentration, nitrates can cause methemoglobinemia, or “blue baby” disease in infants. 

Are you worried about the nitrate or chemical concentration in your municipal water supply? This easy-to-install countertop filter cleans water through an 8-stage filtration process. 

First, it removes industrial solvents, pesticides, insecticides, and volatile organic compounds via a solid carbon cartridge.

Next, a special nitrate-selective resin reduces the nitrate concentration in water by 90% to 95%.

Finally, the water passes through a 6-stage cartridge that filters sediments and other impurities. All cartridges in the Triple Stainless Steel Countertop are replaceable.  

The product comes with an adjustable spout as well as a diverter valve to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. 


  • Advanced filtration system for a wide range of contaminants
  • Effective for large households
  • Filters up to 0.5 gallons per minute


  • A tad pricey
  • Unaesthetic on the countertop
  1. CRYSTAL QUEST  Single Countertop Arsenic Water Filter

CRYSTAL QUEST comes through with another stylish and easy-to-use addition: a single countertop arsenic water filter that uses an arsenic-selective resin cartridge to reduce the concentration of arsenic in your drinking water. 

The truth is that arsenic often found in drinking water, especially in industrial areas, mining regions, and agricultural regions. Arsenic is not just poisonous; it is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, which makes it difficult to detect. Even the EPA says it is carcinogenic

Fortunately, CRYSTAL QUEST Single Countertop Arsenic Water Filter cleans out arsenic and a wide range of other contaminants in your drinking water. It comes with an adjustable spout and a diverter valve to switch between unfiltered and filtered water.

  • Advanced filtration system for a wide range of contaminants
  • Effective for large households
  • Stylish


  • A tad pricey


  1. CRYSTAL QUEST Countertop Replaceable Double Fluoride Water Filter System

At large amounts, fluoride is another contaminant you should be worried about. Several studies have highlighted its detrimental effect on health, especially for children.

Thankfully, this Countertop Double Fluoride Water Filter System is not only durable but also effective in reducing the concentration of fluoride (and a wide range of other contaminants) in your tap water. 

This product uses a 7-stage filtration system. First, its Fluoride Charcoal Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) media removes fluoride, arsenic, and even lead. The media targets heavy metals via a chemical reaction and adsorption technology. Next, the water flows through a 6-stage cartridge that filters a wide range of impurities.

To use, simply place it on your counter and connect the tube to your kitchen faucet. This product comes with an adjustable spout and a diverter valve to switch between unfiltered and filtered water.


  • Advanced filtration system for a wide range of contaminants
  • Effective for large households
  • Filters up to 0.5 gallons per minute


  • A tad pricey


  1. FW-PRO Countertop Water Cooler Bottleless
    FW-PRO Bottleless Countertop Water Cooler works so effectively as cooler and a filter because it uses an internal 2-stage carbon block filter system to reduce insecticides, lead, and chlorine, and remove odors and bad tastes in water. It also comes with a bacteria inhibitor to eliminate 99.9% of e.coli.

With FW-PRO Bottleless, you have the option of installing an external 4-stage reverse osmosis technology inside your cabinet or under your kitchen sink. 

This new filtration system removes common impurities in municipal tap water, producing clean water straight from your tap.

First, it deploys a sediment filter cartridge to remove dirt, sand, and silt.

Second, it uses a Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) to remove chlorine, several carcinogenic organic impurities, volatile organic compounds, insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides—this improves water taste and eliminates odor.

Third, it uses a reverse osmosis membrane to a large number of inorganic contaminants like minerals, metals, salts, as well as germs like giardia and cryptosporidium.

Lastly, it uses a 0.5-micron carbon filter cartridge to eliminate more odors and improve the taste

This 15.25″ tall countertop filter fits well on any countertop, allowing you to choose between reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. By pressing a button to adjust the temperature, you can choose whether you want purified ambient, cold, or hot water. It also comes with an LED control panel to monitor your settings. 


  • Effective filtration system
  • Provide cold and hot filtered water
  • Has LED control panel
  • Energy efficient 
  • Water dispenses easily


  • A tad pricey
  1. Brondell Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System

The unique feature of Brondell Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System is its Nanotrap technology. This comes with a complex 3-stage filtration system that reduces organic, chemical, and germs while improving taste and removing odor.

The product also comes with a DIY kit that lets you set up the countertop water filters in under 10 minutes. 

Working with a push button, Brondell Cypress 3-stage filtration process removes fine particles, rust, and sand from the tap water in stage one, then uses a Nanotechnology filter to remove toxic waterborne germs. In contrast, the final stage removes odor, lousy taste while getting rid of volatile organic compounds and chlorine.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Nanotech filtration system for a variety of impurities
  • Uses an effective reverse osmosis system
  • Easy installation


  • Cannot filter calcium


Portable Water Filters

Water purification spelling the words word

Water purification spelling the words

The good thing about portable water filters is that you can take them with you wherever you go. Whether the outdoors excite you, or you just need to drink clean water in an emergency, portable water filters are designed to give you fresh, bacteria-free drinkable water wherever you are. This means you can purify water from natural water bodies like rivers, ponds, and streams to stay hydrated and healthy. 

Here are some of the best water filters in the market.

  1. The Sagan Life™ XStream™ Straw Purifier 

At first look, you can tell Sagan Life™ XStream™ Straw Purifier delivers on versatility and effectiveness when it comes to purifying water from questionable sources. 

Spanning an adjustable length of 2 to 4 feet, you can drink water directly from lakes with this straw-like device, promising faster hydration. This means you can keep a safe distance while drinking from the natural water source. It uses a hollow fiber technology—with a filter cartridge that consists of microscopic pores. Hollow fibers give a high flow rate for quick hydration.

XStream Straw comes with a bulb pump accessory that allows you to use water for other necessities apart from drinking

Capable of purifying about 250 gallons of contaminated water, this EPA-approved product is designed to remove 99.99% of microorganisms as well as reduce the amounts of arsenic, fluoride, lead, etc. in water


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Chemical-free filtrating system
  • Durable


  • Does not filter saltwater
  1. Crystal Quest Pitcher Water Filter

What’s better than an ordinary pitcher? A pitcher that filters contaminated water conveniently. This is what Crystal Quest Pitcher Water Filter provides—a cheap and effective method of purifying drinking water wherever you go. 

Capable of filtering about 2,000 gallons of water and removing over 99% of dissolved chlorine, the filtration system of this product consist of special filter cartridges. The 4-Stage filtration system pre-filters sediments, rust, and dirt from the water then reduces toxic bacteria and dissolved metals (chromium, nickel, copper, mercury, iron, etc.). It then uses an ion exchange resin system to reduce water hardness, aluminum, copper, and lead. Lastly, the water passes through Granulated Active Carbon (GAC), which diminishes carcinogenic organic compounds, pesticides, and chlorine.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Effective filtration
  • Portable and great for outdoors
  • No installation needed
  • Durable cartridge (6 months)


  • Needs to be upgraded to filter arsenic and fluoride
  1. The AquaBrick™ Water Purification system

AquaBrick Water Purification system cleans water at a super rate, dispensing 0.5 gallons per minute for a large number of people. Using its hand bulb pump, this portable system is perfect for families who are ready to purify swimming pool water to make it drinkable in an emergency.

This 3-gallon, keg-like device takes out 99.99% of toxic bacteria and parasites, reduces chemicals, heavy metals (arsenic, fluoride, lead, etc.), and pharmaceuticals.

Capable of purifying about 700 gallons of contaminated water and 500 gallons of questionable water, AquaBrick is worth the investment. 


  • Portable 
  • Chemical-free
  • Effective filtration system


  • You have to pump

Home Water Filtration Systems

Home water filltration systems illustration

Home water filtration systems illustration

Installing a water treatment system in your home is one of the best investments you can ever make. Drinking clean water should be your priority during a pandemic. And nothing does the job better than integrated home filters in your home plumbing system. With a home filtration system, you can enjoy clean water in your kitchen, bathroom, showers, and fridges with water dispensers.

Here are some of the best water filtration systems in the market.



Serving both the purpose of storage and purification, this 55-gallon AquaDrum does not depend on any mechanical pump to work. Instead, it uses air pressure to pass water through the purification system.

With a filter capacity of 250 gallons, its non-chemical filtration system removes 99.99% of bacteria and parasites, reduces chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals like arsenic and fluoride.   


  • Great for large households
  • Non-chemical
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Stores and cleans water simultaneously


  • A tad pricey



Crystal Quest® Whole House filtration system is another excellent addition from Crystal Quest. It dispenses clean water efficiently to a large household using a multi-filtration system. Asides filtering water, it softens hard water and makes it taste better.  

This affordable water filtration system removes chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides dissolved and hundreds of other impurities in water.

Using a 3-stage technology, water passes through a fluoride filter cartridge to reduce fluoride, lead, and arsenic concentrations.

Water then flows through a SMART cartridge to remove bad taste, odor, and organic contaminants from drinking water. The SMART cartridge also has an ion exchange resin media that reduces heavy metals like water hardness, aluminum, copper, lead, and zinc. Lastly, water flows through a carbon block cartridge that reduces industrial solvents, pesticides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds, and more.


  • Does not require electricity to function
  • Can serve a large number of people
  • Advanced filtration system


  • High initial cost of purchase
  1. 3-Stage Whole House Fluoride Water Filter

Excess fluoride damages tooth structure and has terrible health risks, especially for children.

Crystal Quest 3-Stage Whole House system filter delivers water using a technology that targets fluoride in water. 

The 3-stage technology consists of the sediment filter cartridge to remove dirt, sand, and silt. Second, the water passes through a mineral tank media that reduces fluoride, heavy metals inorganic, and organic impurities. The third stage finally removes industrial solvents, pesticides, and volatile organic carbon compounds.


  • An effective advanced filtration system
  • Great for large households


  • A little expensive



Whether you are putting it under your sink or using it as a bottle-less water cooler, CRYSTAL QUEST 1 GPM Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer System delivers clean water via reverse osmosis and ultraviolet technology.

With a sleek stainless steel design, this non-chemical product cleans out microorganisms, chlorine, and organic waste efficiently. 


  • Chemical-free technology
  • Easy installation
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast treatment
  • LED indicator


  • It needs a power connection


  1. Royal Berkey Stainless Steel Drip Filter System

When it comes to quality and water filtration, the Berkey brand is one of the biggest names in the industry. No wonder why Royal Berkey is a go-to product for clean drinking water.

The Royal Berkey is specially made for medium-sized families (4 to 8 members) who need clean water at home or in the great outdoors. And during any emergency, this product is a lifesaver. 

Using a gravity drip filtration system, it needs neither electricity nor pumps to purify 7 gallons of water per hour. The product comes with two replaceable filters—each filter has a large capacity of 3000 gallons each). 


  • A high filtering capacity of 6000 gallons
  • Durable
  • Does not need electricity
  • Employs water gravity-fed drip system



  • None so far


Bonus: Water Treatment: ION Alkaline Water Drops 

One product you cannot do without if you’re storing water for a long time is ION Alkaline Water Drops. While it’s technically not a filtration system, this alkaline drop is useful in keeping water clean for more than seven years. One bottle can treat 110 gallons of water, allowing you to have clean water during any emergency.

By adding a few drops of ION Alkaline Water Drops in your drinking water, you can reduce bacteria concentration. The science is simple: this non-toxic alkaline drop increases the pH of water, thereby making it less conducive for harmful bacteria to thrive.

Asides from its purifying qualities, ION Alkaline Water Drops makes your water healthier to consume. Many people have testified to the toxin-cleansing and body-detoxifying benefits of alkaline water.


  • 100% money-back guaranteed 
  • Non-toxic chemical 
  • Kills bacteria


  • Does not remove chemical or organic contaminants


Final Notes

  • Home water filters are necessary if you wish to stay healthy during uncertain times. Asides drinking water, the water you use in cooking and bathing has to be clean as well.
  • Municipal tap water is never 100 percent clean. It’s filled with a wide range of impurities. The fact is that tap water flows through rusted miles of pipeline, picking up all kinds of contaminants (agricultural and industrial waste run-off) along the way.
  • Additionally, tap water is filled with many dissolved chemicals like chlorine, which is deliberately added to your municipal water supply to kill microorganisms. Unfortunately, chlorine has some side effects. At dangerous amounts, industrial chemicals in water have been found to cause health problems, ranging from dull, dry skin to cancer, cardiac diseases, and even congenital disabilities. 
  • Apart from its dissolved chemical contaminants, tap water has led to some outbreak of waterborne disease (because of chlorine-resistant microorganisms) even in the U.S. over the past decades. 
  • It’s not farfetched to say high levels of impurities in the water can weaken your immune system. Filtering your water is a simple and cost-effective way to enjoy safe water anytime and anywhere.
  • Investing in a water filtration system gives you an unlimited supply of clean and safe water. A long-term investment will yield results over the years, as you will become less dependent on bottled water and more prepared for any emergency that leads to water shortage.
  • Remember: Noting beats the taste of clean water. Reducing chlorine concentration in your water via a home filter system gives your tap water a more “natural” taste and smell.
  • If taste and odor do not concern you, your safety should. A good filter will remove the carcinogens in tap water and natural water of questionable quality. Never compromise on your health for anything.
  • Clean water benefits your skin and hair, too, when you bathe with it. 
  • Lastly, convenience is something a water filter promises. Imagine the ease of getting clean water with a squeeze of a bottle or a push of a button.  
What is the best home water filterr

What is the best home water filter


  1. Hi Bob, I found this to be an interesting read. I never realised there were so many options out there when it comes to at home water filtration! Especially at a time like this, I think it’s getting more important to filter our water, I will definitely have a hard thought about what you’ve said! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the informative post! Although I’m not a US citizen, I’m currently looking for a better water filter due to this pandemic. In my opinion, the 1 GPM Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer System is the best choice for me since it’s both affordable and easy to use. Keep up the great work!

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