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With solar technology innovation, Solar Power Banks are the new rechargeable battery packs demanded throughout the world. These Solar Power Banks can save you time, money, and effort when it comes to charging your mobile or any other device that may need charging.

Solar technology has been among us for quite a while now. However, the recent innovation in solar power banks has changed the game. Solar-powered technology was firstly introduced in the form of Solar Panels. Solar panels are widely used even today, and many mega-corporations or industries use this form of energy to save on expenses. However, solar power banks are the next big thing to have entered the market of rechargeable power banks. 

What Is A Solar Power Bank?

As the name suggests, solar power banks are very similar to ordinary power banks. The only difference to observe here is that these power banks get their energy directly from the sun. Standard power banks have to be charged directly through an electrical outlet. Using a solar power bank, you can convert solar energy into electrical energy. Unfortunately, solar power bank application is only limited to a few devices that are used every day. With the help of solar power banks, you can charge your mobile phone, camera, and a few other devices. For mobile phones, especially, using a solar-powered bank has never been easier. You can get a solar power bank in the form of a portable case that can be affixed to the back of your mobile phone. Standard power banks have to be frequently charged, whereas solar power banks can be charged on the go. You can stay in the sun and enjoy while your power bank charges automatically. This innovation is pretty economical when you come to think of it. Think of how much you can cut down on electricity expenses. Even though you won’t be saving a lot, but then again, every penny counts.

How exactly does a Solar Power Bank function?

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conventional solar cell illustration

Solar energy is quite different from standard electrical energy. However, as mentioned above, solar energy is basically converted into electrical energy through either solar panels or a solar power bank. In the end, you’re basically charging a battery. However, instead of using an electrical outlet to charge a solar power bank’s battery, the sun takes care of that part for us. Solar power banks also consist of small solar panels affixed on their frame. Solar power banks typically come with an eight to twelve-volt battery. Some solar power banks are equipped with a lighter battery and therefore give a lower output. The battery pack that comes with a standard solar power bank is based on lithium-ion. Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be ideal for rechargeable and portable devices like mobile phones, etc. Connecting your device to a solar power bank is quite simple. However, you’ll have to be certain that your solar power bank is charged before you start using it. After your solar power bank is charged to an optimal level, simply connect your mobile charger in the USB slot located at the bottom of the solar power bank. After you have done that, all that’s left is to connect the other end of the wire to your mobile phone, and you’re good to go.

How long do Solar Power Banks last?

Realistically speaking, Solar Power Bank longevity depends mainly on two factors: 

Firstly, it relies on the standard of the power bank itself and what your charging habits are. Your solar power bank will basically charge itself as it doesn’t require any manual connection to a power outlet. So the longevity of your power bank will depend upon how long you keep it in the sun and how much of its output you use. 

Secondly, you should always get a higher grade solar power bank to avoid any mechanical problems in the future. People quite often buy lower grade power banks trying to save money. Well, that won’t work out for you as you’d expect. It’s always best to spend a little more and get one that will last you a few years.

Safety measures to be alert To while using a Solar Power Bank:


Risk Assessment for safety measures while charging a solar-powered device

Solar Power Banks are, without a doubt, beneficial for many people. They’re convenient, reliable, and long-lasting. These are the kind of things one looks for in a portable device. Nonetheless, you should never get too comfortable around electrical equipment or solar equipment for that matter. 

There are specific safety measures you should be aware of while operating a solar bank. Given below are some of the preventative measures you should take while operating a solar power bank.

  1. Never use a solar power bank with wet hands: You’re probably aware of the fact that using electrical equipment with wet hands can result in a lethal electric shock. Likewise, Solar Power Banks are no different. These solar power banks come with the same battery that is included in standard power banks. Any area exposed to humidity can result in an extreme electric shock.
  2. Keep your solar power bank on a dust-free surface: It is ubiquitous among portable devices to catch dust. Especially keeping a solar power bank on a dusty surface can result in a clogged port. This can damage the inner portion of your device, which can then result in low-quality charging.
  3. Keep your solar power bank away from children: Solar power banks are not intended for children. Keep your children away from such devices at all costs. Children tend to think of such devices as toys and put them in their mouths, resulting in fatal accidents. Always make sure that you keep your solar power bank on a high surface. Preferably a place your children cannot easily reach.
  4. Don’t sleep next to your solar power bank: Health experts strongly advise against sleeping next to your portable devices. They can cause damage to your brain due to the radiation that emits from them. Try to keep your solar power bank on a work desk or a shelf. Generally, somewhere that’s not too close to your bed.

Where can Solar Power Banks come in handy?



Girl with a backpack on a journey. A tourist holds in her hand a smartphone and a Power Bank on the background of the forest and sunset

You can use solar power banks almost anywhere. You don’t have to worry about locating an electrical outlet for your power bank as the energy will be derived directly from the sun. You can most definitely use solar power banks when you go on prolonged adventures or road trips, etc. given below are places and circumstances under which you can use a solar power bank to your advantage.

  1. In your office or workplace: When you’re working during office hours, you will have to make calls throughout the day. Continually using your phone can drain your battery pretty quickly. With a dead battery, you’re going to miss many important calls, which can be problematic for you. However, with a solar power bank’s help, you’ll never have to worry about a drained phone again. Simply charge your phone using the solar power bank and use your phone to the fullest.
  2. During a long hike: This is for all the adventure seekers out there who like to listen to good tunes on their phone while walking along their favorite trail. In case you’re running low on battery, you can use the solar power bank for a quick recharge without stopping to find any power outlets for your phone. Hence, hiking and charging your phone at the same time made it easy.
  3. During cross-country road trips: Cross-country road trips can get very long and tiring. Without a charged phone, especially, the journey can get quite dull. However, carrying a solar power bank with you can make life smooth and enjoyable. You can kill time by browsing through your social media accounts or going through some good jokes. You readily do all of this and charge your phone at the same time.
  4. During power outages: Power outages occur quite frequently, and during these outages, you’re left with no electricity. In these unpredictable situations, you can surely benefit from a solar power bank.

What are the benefits of a Solar Power Bank?


Cost-Benefit Analysis of solar power bank

Using a solar power bank has a lot of added benefits. Always remember that using a solar power bank will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit the environment as well. Yes, you heard that right. You’re doing the environment a favor by using a solar power bank. With a couple of points explained below, you’ll understand how you can benefit the environment and yourself using a solar power bank.

  1. You’ll stay flexible throughout the day: Solar power banks are pretty compact and easy to carry. Their compact structure will make it easy for you to take them anywhere at all. You can go out for picnics, a stroll in the park and even to dinner. Solar power banks can be used anywhere and anytime.
  2. You can get them in different sizes: The good thing about solar power banks is that they are available in different shapes and sizes. You won’t be limited to only one option; instead, you can choose from various options as well. You’ll have the option of selecting a lower volt rechargeable battery or a higher one.
  3. Solar power banks are environmentally friendly: When you use a solar power bank, you’re saving quite a decent amount of electricity. The sun provides your solar power bank with an unlimited supply of renewable energy, which can be used to charge your power bank repeatedly. When you think of it, you’re literally getting free electricity without leaving a carbon footprint.

Are Solar Power Banks genuinely as good as people say, they are?

In light of all that has been learned above, it’s safe to say that solar power banks are, in fact, pretty good. These solar power banks have been given some pretty good ratings in the last few years. Many people have bought these products and have had only positive things to say about them. Consumers have been most pleased with the fact that they now have access to a device that saves them both time and money.

Solar power banks have been used in various situations and for multiple events. People have reportedly claimed that these power banks came in handy for events like weddings, photoshoots, and even team collaboration meetings. Solar power banks have the capacity to charge pretty quickly without having to wait for long hours. This feature is pretty much worth appreciating, given that standard power banks are not that efficient when it comes to charging time. 

Another unusual feature that solar power banks come with is that it can charge older phones faster. It might sound strange to you; however, it’s true. Newer and heavy-duty phones require quite a lot of juice to get a full charge. Older phones on the other can charge much better as they don’t need as much energy. Therefore, people with older phones can significantly use this unusual feature to their advantage.

 So, are Solar Power Banks worth the investment?

After all that we have learned about solar power banks, it’s time to ask the real question. Are solar power banks worth the investment? The answer to this question is an absolute yes! It doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize the benefits of a solar power bank. It’s portable, easy to use, easy to carry, and isn’t that difficult to operate. In terms of price, a top-notch solar power bank will cost you around $150 to about $200. There are however some solar power banks that you can get a bit cheaper. The cheap ones will cost you no more than $60. The price of a solar bank will ultimately depend on its battery capacity. The more the battery capacity, the more you’ll have to pay.

Similarly, solar power banks with a relatively lower battery capacity will be much cheaper. Solar power banks with a battery capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 mAH (milliamp hour) will be slightly less expensive. You can get them for around $30-$40. Even for a higher grade solar power bank, the price is still pretty reasonable. However, before buying a solar power bank, one should keep its quality in mind. While purchasing such a product, one should never compromise over quality. It’s always best to get the top of the line solar power bank so that you don’t have to replace it repeatedly. Once you buy such a product, it should last you a couple of years; otherwise, it’s money gone to waste.

The Best Solar Power Banks available on the market today:

Solar Power Banks and telephone chargers have grown in demand over the last couple of years. These powers banks have transformed the electronics industry by helping to increase the working time of most gadgets. Now suppose you had a busy day and your phone died while on the job. Now, you won’t be able to read any messages or receive any calls. However, with the assistance of a solar power bank, you’ll never have to face the possibility of your phone dying out ever again. Moreover, Solar Power Banks are considerably better than traditional power banks. As we are getting progressively dependent on our electronic or online way of life, our mobile devices’ run-time is a necessity. Considering this, you may want to get a Solar Power Bank on your next trip to the mall. Furthermore, Solar Power Banks pose several benefits for gamers. Games like Pokémon-Go and Call of Duty often kill your battery in no time. In order to avoid this, gamers ought to have a Solar Power Bank handy as well.

If you’re looking for high-quality Solar Power Banks, you’ve come to the right place. Solar Power Banks have gained a considerable amount of praise in the past era or so. While having numerous benefits, the most helpful is enabling you to have your phone charged at any time.

“A notable Solar Power Bank that is adored by thousands of individuals is the Solar Energy Mini” offered by GoSun. It is ideal for charging your telephone or electronic gadgets utilizing only daylight. It’s nothing but basic. You can simply associate any gadget and spot in the sun or charge your telephone using the high battery power of the Solar Energy Mini. Furthermore, it has two ports and weighs no more than two pounds. Hence, portability is also one of the crucial features of this Solar Power Bank.  

SolarEnergy Mini Solar Phone Charger | GoSun Solar Power


The PowerBank Plus by GoSun is also a well-known solar power bank. This particular model is much more advanced and has more options. With the PowerBank plus, you charge not just two, but three devices at the same time. The PowerBank plus is also equipped with a pre-installed flashlight that can be put to good use. This product weighs 2.2 pounds and is pretty easy to carry. 

PowerBank+ Portable 144wh Power Bank | GoSun Solar Power

Another praiseworthy Solar Power Bank is the Bluetti AC10 99Wh/26756mAH Portable Power Station” by Bluetti.Its lightweight and an extensive list of features have taken the power bank industry by storm. The all-new Bluetti AC10 conveys over two-hundred Watt-Hours of lithium power.

Bluetti AC10 99Wh/26756mAh Portable Power Station

In addition, it also includes the most recent quick charging innovation in a reduced, ultra-versatile structure. Regardless of whether you’ve taken off for a couple of days or the entire week, you can have the ideal measure of capacity to keep your essential gadgets charged all thanks to the Bluetti AC10.


Conclusively, solar power banks have greatly proved their use in the 21st century. They are reliable, effective, and have a long-lasting battery capacity. One can always count on them as a reliable backup battery. They are pretty compact and can easily be stored in your bag pack, or you can also carry them by hand. Solar power banks are honestly worth the investment when you know you can rely on them in difficult situations. 

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