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“Solar energy- Today’s resource for brighter tomorrow.”

What is a portable solar generator? It is the question that crosses the mind of those people who are searching for something handy and compact to meet additional power needs. Using a portable solar generator has become a new and trendy way to consume solar energy efficiently. We know that with the rise of technology use, we are swiftly heading towards green and renewable energy. When I talk about green, reliable and cleaner mode of power, then I mean solar energy. Everyone wants to gain optimal value for their money; that’s why solar energy is one of the safest and eco-friendly.

If you live in an area where you face blackout situations, tornadoes, hurricanes, and high winds, you need a generator. So, the best way to combat these power shortages is to get a solar generator. If you are planning to use solar energy, it is crucial to get valuable information before going further.

What is a portable solar generator?

Solar generators are one of the best ways to harness solar energy, so you can complete your social responsibility of eco-friendliness. Solar generators do not need fossil fuel, do not create noise pollution, recharge quickly, and in many cases, they are portable. A portable solar generator is a small box which consists of following components;

  • An inverter (Converts DC into AC for electronic devices)
  • Charge controller (Important to regulate the input voltage from solar panels)
  • And batteries (One of the most critical components of the generator)

All these essential components ensure the smooth working of your solar generator. A solar generator gains energy through solar panels (which they get from direct sunlight) and then converts it into electricity to meet your energy needs. 

How does a portable solar generator work? 

“Make the sun work for you.”

Solar generators are different from traditional gas generators and provide enormous benefits to the end-user. Unlike conventional generators, the solar generators are quite simple, user-friendly, and require comparatively fewer mechanics. In short, solar generators can store and convert solar energy into electricity and then supplies the device that needs power. Portable solar generators are less complicated, and you do not need to attach it to solar panels to store energy.

These generators have low voltage, but they can still charge a mobile, laptop, and small appliances for a long time. You can charge the generator batteries by plugging into a car charging port or through an AC outlet. If you see the cells are fully or partially loaded, you can use the generator for power supply. People who already have solar generators for a home know that these machines do not come with the solar panels, you can purchase them separately. There are multiple uses of this compact, portable, and advanced technology.

Common uses of a portable solar generator; 

  • It can work as your back-up power system 
  • Camping 
  • Van life or RV 
  • Use at job sites 
  • Frequently used at the festivals 
  • And due to compact size, it can be used for disaster relief and emergencies

Things to consider before buying a portable solar generator


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After discussing solar generators’ main ideas, you realize that choosing a portable generator is not a walk in the park. You need the complete guide and understanding of the product to select the best solar generator brand. There are plenty of portable generators in the market, and if you want to pick the best then you need to consider the following things;

Choose the reputable brand 

It is one of the vital factors when deciding to invest your money. It is essential to choose the brand with a good reputation and integrity in portable solar generators. In this case, it is best to go for the “BLUETTI” for high-end products with lots of innovative features and less price. Many online platforms fill with selling ads, but it is essential to do proper homework before heading further.

Specifications of solar generators 

Portable solar generators are different in capacity and power, so it is essential to keep your eyes open while choosing one. The ability of a portable generator denotes with watts (W), and its power then translates into Watt hours (Wh). The inverter capacity indicates with volt-amperes (VA) or watts in which the solar obtained electricity stores.

Base your decision on power demand

Every consumer has a different set of needs, and it should be at the top of the list before deciding anything. Before buying anything ask the following questions; 

  • Why do I need a portable solar generator? 
  • What are my power requirements and needs? 

Some people only need to charge their electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. or just to jump-start a dying car battery. If your needs are small, then you can go for the solar generator with 300-400 Wh. If you want to support home electricity during power outages, you may need the generator with 1400-1500 Wh.  

Availability of charging ports

It is the 21st century, a charged-up century where we have so many things to connect to the charger. While selecting the portable generator make sure it can charge at least; 

  • Two or three smartphones 
  • A tablet 
  • And a personal computer 

Charging time 

It is a common perception about the solar generators that their charging time is slow, but that is not true in all cases. If you go for a reputable brand, then you invest your money in the right product. It is also a smart move to go for hybrid charging where you can alternate your charging spots from solar to AC and DC depending upon your needs.

How portable is your “portable solar generator”? 


Portable yellow generator with 2 devices plugged in.

It is one of the million-dollar questions that you need to ask yourself before investing money. Think twice before purchasing because it matters the most. You do not want a large device that occupies room space and only charges two or three of your electronic devices.

Other than the above capabilities and abilities do not forget to focus on the following factors to avoid any inconvenience; 

  • Expandability 
  • The life cycle of the product
  • RV connectivity 
  • The capability of car charging
  • Lithium-based battery
  • Excellent customer support and warranty of the product

List of best portable solar generators

“The future of solar energy is bright with the help OF BLUETTI.”

After having all kinds of information related to “What is a portable solar generator,” It is the right time to move towards the next step. As we already elaborated, always go for a reputable and trusted brand, so what could be more trusted than “BLUETTI.” Here are the top two categories of the portable solar generators which they are currently selling with excellent features.

BLUETTI Top portable solar generators


Eco-Friendly Portable Power Solutions. Reliable, Rechargable & Designed For Performance.



First, let’s know about this series with subcategories and main features that the BLUETTI is currently offering to their customers. We will explain them in detail.

BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/1000W portable power station 

Bluetti EB240 2400Wh/1000W Portable Power Station

It is one of the best selling and highest reviewed solar generator of BLUETTI in the market today. If you are looking to harness the sun’s power and use it as an energy source, this 48.5lb generator is the best choice. The BLUETTI EB240 can run significant power devices for your home. It has enough capacity to support and provide electricity to heavy items like the fridge, oven, or blender.

A 1200W AC output to running even more heavy duty equipment

BLUETTI EB150 1500Wh/1000W Portable power station 

The best portable power station 2020

It is the second category of EB series with excellent feedback and customer reviews. If you don’t like massive gas-powered stations, it is the best way to keep your lights on, phone charged, and keep your life going. It can support TV, PC, mini-fridge, portable stoves, medical devices, and other power tools. It is one of the best machines to work as your support system in case of power outages. The 37.9lb Weight makes this power station lightweight and easy to carry.

The LG lithium-Ion battery cell gives enough pack capacity to support the broader needs of electricity. It produces zero fumes and safe enough to install inside your dwellings during a power failure, or you can use it for outdoor purposes.

The best backup solar generator for an emergency power outage.

BLUETTI EB40 400Wh/300W portable power station 

Electric Power Station perfect for everyday use whether at home or on the road

If you are fond of camping or picnics, this compact machine will be your best friend. The Bluetti EB40 helps you to charge up your essential devices by providing continuous electricity. You can use it for the following purposes;

  • Back up service in case of a power outage
  • Use in garages 
  • Cabins 
  • Supports small power tools 
  • Supports CCTV and security devices 
  • And charge your electronic devices along with many other functions. 

The smaller, lighter, and more powerful BLUETTI power station produces zero noise with a patented cooling system. You can simply plug it into the wall and charge the 12.3lb device in just five hours. The 12V car charger can only charge this device up to 40-50%, but a 24V charger can charge it fully.

Standard Features of EB series

  • It has an LG lithium-Ion battery cell that has the pack capacity from 2400Wh/1000W to 400Wh/300W. The ultra-safe battery is famous for stability, which prevents short circuits and overcharges.  
  • It includes industry-leading outputs like AC and 45W USB port, which can charge up heavy electronic gadgets. The USB-C power delivery can charge the latest devices like laptops.
  • It includes MPPT, which enables this machine to charge 40% faster than usual time. A built-in intelligent safety protection system helps to avoid overload, over-heating, and error code reporting.
  • You can charge it with an AC wall outlet, and solar panels are optional. You can charge it at full capacity in just 12 hours. It comes with the car charge option after buying a power inverter and has the capability of solar charging. The time of solar charging depends upon the size of solar panels.


  • We can store from 2400Wh/1000W to 400Wh/300W of electricity in this machine. 
  • It is adaptable, and we can use it with or without solar panels.
  • It comes with AC, DC, USB-C and USB-A ports. 
  • Easy to use and comes with two years of warranty.
  • It is excellent for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The EB series has the capacity of small and more significant uses.  
  • The portable generators are lightweight, and you can easily carry the machine.


  • It does not come with a car charger power inverter, but you can buy the inverter 300W from the market.


Now we move towards the second step and discuss the AC series. The outstanding features and innovative specifications make it the most reviewed product of the BLUETTI power station. So, here are the subcategories of this fantastic series;

BLUETTI AC10 99Wh/26756mah portable power station 

Bluetti AC10 99Wh/26756mAh Portable Power Station

It is the lightest weight power station of Bluetti, with a weight of 2.75lb. It is not only lightweight but has fast charging technology, compact with ultra-portable design. It is one of the best things to accompany you if you want to avoid power outages. The specialty of this power station is the compact size, and you can easily carry it in your backpack and even in-camera cases. In short, it is ideal for usage where space is limited.

Bluetti AC10 99Wh/26756mAh Portable Power Station | TSA-approved battery packs to bring on your next flight

BLUETTI AC20 200Wh/120W portable power station 

Bluetti AC10 power station| you can get power from the 🌞 and keep all your gadgets charged.

It is also a lightweight power station of Bluetti weighing in at just 7.6lb. It comes with the lithium power fast charging technology. If you are going somewhere for a few days, then it is essential to charge the devices. Check it out here.

BLUETTI AC50 500Wh/300W power station 

power tower workout station with bluetti ac50

Bluetti AC50 helps you to keep your life running indoor and outdoor. The smaller, compact, no gas, no fumes, and no noise device is the perfect alternative for gasoline generators. The 13.6lb weight makes it easy to install with power drones, camera equipment, laptops, 12V fridge, and more.

BLUETTI AC100 1000Wh/600W portable power station 

Bluetti AC100 1000Wh/600W Portable Power Station


The Bluetti AC100 specially designed to meet the increased energy needs with compact and lightweight design. You can easily use it for indoor and outdoor purposes because it can tackle lights, fridges, power tools, and electronic devices.

Standard features of AC series 

  • It comes with the LG lithium battery, which has capacity from 99Wh to 1000Wh. Bluetti uses excellent quality batteries, which are famous for stability and prevent over-charge, over-current, and short-circuiting. The battery life and capacity are monitored by a state-of-the-art battery management system that ensures the smooth working of different functions.  
  • The fast charging solution comes with the latest charging technology and includes two USB ports. Bluetti 45W PD USB-C port helps to charge USB devices like laptops.
  • It takes six hours charging time from solar panels and 10 hours if you plug it into the wall. The charge time depends upon the compatibility and quality of solar panels.
  • Most types come with MPPT pre-installed solar charging system, which helps in fast-charging up to 40%.
  • It has the functionality of SOS, LED lighting, and wireless charging, which work with noise-free technology and Bluetti patented cooling system.

Eco-Friendly Portable Power Solutions. Reliable, Rechargable & Designed For Performance.


  • lightweight for portability
  • Noise-free
  • Easy to carry and occupy less space 
  • High-speed charging solution
  • Wireless charging 
  • Ultra-safe to use 


  • Most of these generators come with only 2 USB ports for charging, which are not enough.
  • Don’t come with extra accessories; you will have to spend extra money to buy them.



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