As the seasons change and it gets closer to Christmas, it’s becoming difficult to deny that the Christmas shopping season has officially begun.

With every shop dishing out Christmas gift sets and present bundles that are pretty but lacking in practicality or durability, you might be finding yourself in desperate need of a Christmas gift guide for what Christmas gifts for women to ensure they are cozy.

It can be challenging figuring out what would be the perfect present for the leading ladies in your life that they will enjoy for more than just Christmas morning but for months, if not years, to come.

But don’t worry at the thought of the Christmas season creeping closer and take a delve into our Christmas gift guide that is filled with all things warm and cozy to ensure that your loved ones are never left out in the gift-receiving cold again.

Send them to bed with a smile this Christmas



Product: MicroFleece Low Voltage Electric Blanket

Price: $89.95

Buy at: https:

Weight: The lightest heated blanket on the market

Efficiency: Takes less than 15 minutes to warm up

Care: Maintains its original size after washing




Does anything really scream “Christmas” more than being huddled up in bed all warm and cozy?

By buying the leading lady in your life the safest electric blanket ever produced, not only are you ensuring she never has to struggle through another cold night again, but you’re also putting her mind at ease with worries of her safety.

With the blanket turning off automatically after ten hours, you can both go to sleep warm and without concern about what will happen while you’re peacefully sleeping.

And with consistent and even heat distribution aided by its ultra-soft, luxurious 0% microfleece polyester, you’ll both be warm from head to toe from the moment you head to bed to the second you wake up in the morning.

The blanket comes in a range of stylish, neutral colors, that will be adding warmth to your bedtime routine and you’ll also be bringing an element of class and sophistication to your bedroom décor too.

Imagine waking up Christmas morning so warm and toasty you consider enjoying the day from the comfort of your duvet – could anything be better?

A gift for the woman who knows her own style


Product: Battery Heated Glove Liners

Price: $129.99

Buy at:

Sizing: XSmall to 3XLarge

Temperature duration: Up to 10 hours





When the weather gets chilly, one of the first things that our body struggles to keep warm is our fingertips, and while we usually reach for fleece-lined or knitted gloves in these moments, heated gloves are quickly becoming all the rage.

However, a lot of the electric gloves on the market are very bulky and unfashionable, prioritizing practicality entirely over design which, while commendable, doesn’t always make for a stylish gift.

However, with these battery-operated glove liners, the recipient of your gift can hide the heat under her own gloves and will still look as fashionable as she chooses while maintaining a comfortable warmth.

The liners themselves are rechargeable and aren’t at all bulky, so she doesn’t have to worry about any battery packs getting in the way of her outfit.

The heated lining can be worn for any occasion, whether underneath gardening gloves, driving gloves or even elbow-length gloves fit for a ball.

So matter the location or the occasion, they’ll keep her warm with three different temperature modes and a max temperature of up to 135 Fahrenheit for 10 hours if that is what she desires.

Make the mundane exciting again




Product: Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion

Price: $34.95

Buy at: https:

Easy to Use: Just Plug in and Warm-Up

Fits: Both Driver and Front Passenger Seats

Heat: Maximum of 114 Degrees F

Warranty: Limited 1 Year



Driving is not always a fun experience. In fact, it rarely ends up being anything other than a hassle.

But why not make it a little more comfortable for your loved one by gifting them a heated, velour car seat cover to bring a little luxury to the mundane?

With the comfort and relaxation of gentle heat for long and short drives both near and far, their achy muscles and back pain in even the depth of winter will be a thing of the past.

And unlike most heated seat covers for cars that are on the market today, not only is this one electric, it is also made from a wonderful velour material that is as stylish to look at as it is soft to the touch, making it a fashion statement as much as a staple of functionality.

Wrap them up warm this Christmas


Product: Sahara Womens 3 Zone Heated Jacket, Plum

Price: $199

Buy At:

Heat Settings: 3-122, 131, and 140 degrees F

Battery: Runs up to 10 hours

Warranty: 1 Year




If you’re shopping for someone who often finds themselves cold while out and about and deserves an extra special treat, then gifting them this jacket will keep them as stylish and warm as they deserve to be.

The garment has three different temperature options making it perfect no matter what level of warmth it’s wearer desires. The heat is expelled through three separate zones throughout the jacket, meaning that not a single inch of your loved one will have to struggle through the cold this winter.

The coat is not only heated internally but is also resistant against wind, water, and abrasion through its soft shell material, meaning it is perfect for everyday use as well as in the coldest of temperatures.

Aside from being warm through its use of electrics, it is also lined with an ultra-soft fleece lining which will keep your loved one warm and insulated regardless of whether they have the temperature turned up or not.

The battery boasts an impressive ten hours of running time upon a single charge and also a range of different features and accessories such as a three-bar LED light to keep its wearer visible in the dark, adjustable Velcro cuffs to keep out the cold, accessible sizes from an XS to XXL as well as a generous 1-year warranty.

No matter the preferred style of the recipient of this gift, they will be sure to enjoy at least one of the whole host of colors that the jacket comes in, meaning your loved one won’t have to sacrifice their style to keep warm ever again.

Select the perfect Christmas gift for her

If you live in a cold place or the women in your life is just cold natured, the Christmas gifts above will keep her warm and you remembered, perhaps for many years to come. Go to the heated blanket, the ladies heated glove liner, the velour heated seat cushion, or the Sehara womens  jacket for more.

f you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


  1. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing these awesome gift ideas. I still have not come up with a list, but thanks to you. Now I know what to pick. Actually, can also share this with a relative, who is looking to buy his girl something, too this Holiday.

  2. I’m a woman and I’m always cold during winter so these are excellent ideas for gifts this Christmas. I’ll share them with my boyfriend since he told me he didn’t know what to give me, ahah! I particularly love the jacket, it looks really comfy.
    Thank you for sharing these Christmas gifts. 🙂

  3. These are great ideas. As someone with a thyroid that doesn’t function well, I am always cold. These are great ideas that I will be passing on to my hubby. Great job.

  4. Dear Bob
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people how to choose dream-like warm clothing. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  5. Actually very practical items for every day use for the average person and of course women.I see the advantage for a couple of these items .More so for going to a ball game on a cold day or a icy hockey arena .Thank you for the share and may even grab a couple of these items my self.

    • Heated clothes are great during the winter. If you’re sweating outside in the cold, heated clothes will keep you warm, even if you’re sweating. They are great for keeping warm even in south, which is colder during the winter than most people think. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything.

      All the best,


  6. Thanks Bob!
    These are excellent ideas! I actually just bought my fiance a heated seat pad for his birthday.
    I actually own a microfleece electric blanket. I got it as a gift last Christmas and love it. I turn it own about 20 minutes before I plan to go to bed. It’s so much nicer getting into a warm bed!
    I love the heated glove liners and jacket. I’m very cold natured and these would make great gifts even for myself. 🙂
    I appreciated this informative review of products and ideas. I’ll share this with my family and friends.

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Devara,
      Thanks for reading my post and for the compliment. I’m cold natured too and like the heated electric blanket for staying warm at night and in the morning. Take care and stay warm, Devara. Bob

  7. Thank you for the great post. I am actually having a hard time thinking of what to buy my girl and these are some great ideas. She is always cold, especially this time of year. This will be a great gift, thank you!

    • Thanks for reading and I believe your girl would really appreciate a gift that keeps her warm. If you have any questions, please let me know. All the best. Bob

  8. Hi, Bob,

    Your post is just in time as I, like probably many other people in the world, face difficulties as what to choose as a gift for my beautiful lady.

    I especially like the idea of glove liner and I wonder how often they require recharging?

    I would appreciate it if you could answer this for me?

    Thank you so much in advance!


    • Hi BR,

      At full power, you would need to recharge the glove liner every 2-3 hours. At 25%, you would recharge the battery every 9-10 hours.

      These glove liners are meant to be used inside of another glove and are true glove liners which can warm your hands from 2.5 hours at full power up to 10 hours at the 25% setting.

      All the best, BR


  9. Hi Bob, there’s some really awesome suggestions here. I really struggle with the cold, even in the spring. My friends always joke because I’m always that one person still wearing a scarf , even when it’s deemed to be warm so these suggestions are really great. I especially like the velour car seat cover, not everyone can afford to buy a car with internalised heated seats, so this is perfect. I didn’t even realise something like this existed. And so affordable too!

    I also really like the microfleece electric blanket. I love electric blankets, they really are a miracle for keeping warm, but I always worry about the safety of them. So knowing that this is the safest on the market if I purchase one I will definitely go for this. Thanks so much for such an interesting post!

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