With Christmas approaching in super-fast motion, we are left with minimal time to shop for winter.

Moreover, being busy buying Christmas gifts for our family and friends, we tend to ignore the speed with which season is changing itself. Ignoring this fact can cost you your health and wellness.

To assist you in the task of buying gifts and winter shopping, I came up with a solution.

Today I’m here to help you find what Christmas gifts for men are best to provide overall protection from the cold.

It is a useful guide for you and your family to invest in some productive gift rather than wasting your hard-earned money on something that can’t be put to any use.


Ravean Men’s Rugged Heated Jacket     Raven.jacket

Buy at:     

Pricing: $249.99 reduced to $229.99 

Not Available: Sold Out                                                       

Sizing: XS to XXXL                                                                                       

Warranty: 1 year

Free Shipping for US Customers

Heat time: Up to 6 hours


Want a different type and look for a heated jacket. Check out Raven’s Men Down heated jacket here.

The heated jacket keeps your chest, back and cuffs warm with the heat generated from its 12-volt battery.

The core heating and cuff heating can be controlled independently.

The outer shell is tough, durable, stretchable, and thick. It comes with a water-resistant coating all of which provides your man with the warmth he needs when cold rainy weather hits.

In addition to creating warmth, there some other qualities it possesses.

You can recharge your mobile phone with it at a 3X speed.

It is a graceful outfit with lots of storage space available.

There is one chest pocket, two outside pockets, interior and exterior pockets to store batteries.

A removable hood further ensures comfortable wear on different occasions.

The heated rugged jacket is available now at

Ravean Heated Gloves

Buy at:

Price: $129.99      

Warranty: 1 year

Heat time: Up to 6.5 hours





These gloves use carbon fiber heating panels on the back of your palm, fingers, and thumbs to release the heat.

You can control the temperature by switching between three modes, i.e. High, Medium, and low, and monitor battery usage through fuel gauge placed on the wrist.

The 7.4-volt battery is rechargeable and has a good working time that is around 6-7 hours.

The smart touch compatibility ensures that you keep in touch with your devices all the time.

Triple-layer protection, insulation with new technology, and waterproof keep you warm even on a snowy day. Adjustable and elastic wrist cuff, Zippers, and wrist strap make it a comfortable wear for a long duration.

Quality, guarantee, affordability, and utility are all available at

Raven Heated Mittens


Buy at:

Pricing: $129.99

Sizing: 6-11                                                                                                        

Warranty: 1 year

Free Shipping for US Customers

Heat time: Up to 6.5 hours




If you are facing the same cold but are not comfortable with gloves, Ravean presents to you the heated mitten.

These heated mittens also use the same carbon fiber heating panels to transmit heat to the hands.

The battery providing heat is long-lasting and can stand up to 6.5 hours after each recharge.

Adjustable temperature options enable the wearer to switch to the most comfortable and desirable temperature.

Fuel gauge located on the wrist shows the battery status and you can utilize the heat accordingly.

There are four layers: outer layer Thinsulate insulation, Hydro-Tex, and the internal heating layer.

Yes, the mittens are water-resistant and wind-resistant.

They are made genuine leather and are very comfortable with breathable material, hook and loop wrist strap and an elastic adjustable wrist cuffs.

There is also a security wrist strap with the mittens so you don’t lose them doing the tasks.

Advantages of heated clothing

They make outdoor activities, in cold weather, much more manageable.

They are easy to store and clean.

They are lightweight and flexible.

Everyone can get the benefit.

You probably don’t need heated clothing if the weather in your area is usually mild. Places like the deep south, FL for example. Otherwise, consider heated clothing to keep you warm.

Select the best Christmas gift for him

Living in a cold place comes with numerous problems.

Heated clothes are the must-haves for the people facing extremely cold weather conditions, either in their home town or during their outdoor activities.

They keep you warm, make tasks more manageable and improve the way one performs.

By using heated clothing, you can not be stopped by cold weather.

With a little help from heated products, you can be sure to enjoy winter.

Get Men’s Rugged Heated Jacket + Battery Bundle, Heated Ski Gloves or Heated Mittens for the good health of your father, brother, and the love of your life.

f you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,





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