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In this uncertain situation, we need to adopt certain precautions. In this new normal we have to wear a coronavirus mask, why do we not enjoy it? Yes! You heard right; we can enjoy wearing face covers based on specific themes. It would be so much fun to wear your favorite character to cover your face.

What is the Scope of wearing a face mask?

“A theme mask tells more than a face.”

We can see around us that many people deny the fact that face masks aren’t necessary to wear. But the reality is entirely different because there is so much research that favors face covers. If you choose to wear a face mask, you build a barrier that prevents droplets from entering into the mouth. There is no hidden reality in it that the droplets of an infectious person could get you into trouble. CDC recommends wearing cloth face masks cover when you go out in gathering; it is the most natural way to contain the virus.

According to the Centers for diseases control and prevention (CDC), Help slow the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a face mask. Social distancing is hard to maintain, but face masks can do miracles. As we know the market has different types of face masks like;


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  • Surgical masks 
  • N95 face masks 
  • Theme face masks 
  • And Simple cloth face masks.

Where can I find theme face masks?

It is vital to look for the right equipment if you want to keep yourself protected in this Pandemic. Health should be a top priority; that’s why there is no other better place than the “MaskClub.” You can find perfect masks according to the guidelines of the World health organization and CDC. In this challenging time, you need to keep yourself clean and protected from hazardous viruses; that’s why you should prefer the washable mask. The MaskClub’s main motto is to give protection and a little dose of fun with theme face covers.

Does it matter what sort of mask you wear? 


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I know most of you are getting the feel of this question. I know that question is about the type of face mask. Many people think that only surgical or N95 face covers can protect you from this lethal virus, but it is not valid.

According to the recommendations of the CDC, non-medical people must cover their faces with a face covering. These face masks are better than surgical masks because they are re-usable, and you can wash them regularly. There is nothing wrong if we are making this difficult time a little fun by using these masks.

Reasons for choosing “MaskClub” over others

“The only proper mask to wear in life is your theme face cover.”

Here are the reasons to consider theme mask from the Mask club; 

  • The mask club has a very touching historical background, and they made their name in minimal time. It all happened due to high quality, preferred customer service, and socially responsible actions.
  • The MaskClub management has a softer corner for needy people; they have donated 100,000 face masks.
  • Apart from the above amazing facts, management is continuously working to improve quality and protection layers. The mask club always follows the instruction of the world health organization and CDC. There is no compromise on the safety measures. 
  • You can order the face mask online, and excellent customer service will ensure the timely delivery of the package.
  • You can get a face mask according to your choice and preference. There are so many different themes for adults and kids to give a treat to your eyes. 
  • You can order the double-ply protected face mask with elastic loops by using the main website. 
  • There are great discounted deals and packages for frequent and one-time buyers. It is the best platform to save your money while purchasing a re-usable product of high quality.

Different categories of theme face covers

“Stay positive as Mask Club is going to fix everything for you.”

You have accessed the above conversation that the mask club has a specialty in a re-usable theme face mask. There are different categories of the covers to cater to more customers, and they are as;


Image of different characters that would make a fun face mask

Adult re-usable theme face covers 

If you are bored by wearing the regular and dead colored face masks, then the mask club is here to help you. It does not matter if you are a man or woman; you have the choice to choose a face with your favorite theme. There is a vast range of different items and comic brands. You always have the option to select from the extensive list by visiting the site.  

Kids re-usable theme face covers 

It is very tough for kids to wear face covers, but now it has become the necessity of time. So, it is the best solution to make this experience a little fun by ordering your kids’ favorite theme. MaskClub is offering many kid-specific ideas to protect them from the virus in a quite cool way. The perfect fitted masks give fantastic value for your money; that’s why it has become a favorite go-to brand.

Different themes of Masks for Adults and kids

Tom & jerry Star trek Superheroes  Wonder woman
Twilight Zone Nickelodeon Sesame street Kraft
Beverly hills Big bang theory Emoji Harry Potter
Lip & kisses Fun stuff theme WWE theme Warner Bros
Animals theme Candy theme Father’s Day Flowers, florals


It is not an end of the incredible themes available at the MaskClub; you always have the option to visit the website for their newest theme mask.

Highlighted features of theme masks 

  • Apart from different themes, protection is still the priority of the MaskClub. So, here are the following highlighted features of the product;
  • 3-ply face masks that are special to protect you from lethal germs.
  • To ensure the safety and style, the mask has the stylish cuts according to adults or kids.
  • The comfort level of theme masks is un-matchable.
  • The price is very reasonable, and you can purchase one product at just $13.99. If you have a subscription, then the cost would be $9.99/month. 
  • And last but not least, choose your customized theme from hundreds of designs and colors.

Pros and cons of theme face masks at “Mask Club.”

There are pros and cons, which will help you to decide in favor of Mask Club Right now.


  • Mask is re-usable, washable with double-ply protection and elastic loops 
  • Fantastic customer support with swift delivery service
  • Masks with different colors for ladies and gents 
  • Choose your favorite theme among hundreds of designs and colors 
  • Equally comfortable and stylish for adults and kids 
  • You can get a subscription to make the price more affordable 


  • You can’t wear these masks at the frontline. They are not suitable to wear in medical units, surgical units, and laboratory use.
  • The price is a little high if you want to buy single masks, but the monthly subscription is highly affordable.

Final verdict 

You can choose any type of mask from the above list, but when we know that the situation is going to stay here for a long time, then let’s take it as fun. Yes, we can make it a little enjoyable by wearing the theme face covers of our choice. MaskClub is giving you the best solution in terms of price, affordability, designs, colors, and unique offers. If you’re wanting a fun face mask then click here to see and get an adult face mask or click here for kids’ face coverings. 


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