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The best portable Survival Tools Equipment Kit with 13 useful gadgets that can come in handy during unpredictable situations.

Going on an adventure or exploring famous places you’ve never explored is exciting. However, you will most definitely need some good equipment, especially including a survival tools kit. Even if it’s not an adventure, an emergency kit can come in handy. It can be used in a situation you’d least expect. People very frequently come across stumbling obstacles that may interrupt their daily activities. 

A website called Legacy food storage thought of this problem that people face every day. That’s why they decided to manufacture an effective, compact, and easy to carry emergency survival kit called the 13-in-1 survival tool kit. 

The 13-in-1 survival tool kit is an all-purpose survival kit that has 13 special tools included that can be used and applied in different situations. Some of the tools in this emergency tool kit include a water-resistant case, a multi-purpose knife, a survival bracelet, a multi-tool credit card, a flashlight, a compact saw, a water bottle clip, a survival pen, a Carabiner (clip used for hiking and mountain climbing).

Who can benefit from the 13-in-1 survival tool kit?

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The 13-in-1 survival tool kit was made in a way so that anyone can find it easy to understand and use. However, this all-purpose product is ideal for those who have an emergency situation.  People who like to hike, fish, hunt, or go camping and explore the wilderness, etc. The 13-in-1 survival tool kit was made using a logical plan that would really benefit the user. Once you get your hands on this survival kit, you will be all set for certain emergencies. 

If you get lost in any of the above situations you have a compact kit with the correct tools to help you get back safely. Equipment includes a flashlight for when it becomes difficult to see, a compass for finding the direction you need to go, a clip to attach your water for easy accessibility, a whistleblower to alert people in the vicinity that you are in trouble, a multi-tool that can be used as a screwdriver, knife, and a scissor. It also includes other tools you may need and you will see below.

To sum up, the emergency tool kit can be used in many situations. It can be used for either an emergency or a general fix such as lighting your fire when you need to cook or stay warm. The toolkit has a lot of practical applications if used intelligently. At night when you’re about to sleep, you can use the Mylar blanket in case you feel cold as it gets quite chilly at night. Even if you’re not about to sleep, you can always roast a few marshmallows with your friends. The fire igniter or the Ferro rod can help you start a fire for such purposes. Getting lost during hiking is something that happens.  In such a situation, use the aluminum whistleblower to alert your friends. Also, make the most of your compact compass which will guide you towards the right path. The multi-tool striker can most definitely come in handy as well. You might need to repair some piece of machinery that might be essential for your trip. 

Finally, if you get stuck in a house or cabin and can’t manage to break free, you can use the tactical pen to your advantage. The tactical pen’s forceful push can help break any glass surface, helping you to get through.

How to operate the tools given in the survival tool kit

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Understanding the 13-in-1 survival kit is actually pretty simple. All you need is to go through the brief information which is given below. However, for your own convenience, all the information you will need regarding the tool kit will be available on the website. The 13-in-1 survival tool kit will provide you with the following tools.

  1. A water-resistant case: This water-resistant case will protect your tools from any sort of moisture that may damage them
  2. A survival bracelet: This bracelet includes quite a lot of extremely useful widgets. When the need arises, they can really come in handy.
  3. A flashlight: An essential tool that is required mostly at night or in dark areas. The 13-in-1 survival kit flashlight has an energy capacity of around 140 joules that will illuminate any blind spots.
  4. A multi-purpose card: This small-sized card which is as big as a credit card has various functions that help will you in different situations. The multi-purpose credit card includes two small knives as well as a can opener and other useful widgets.
  5. A clip to attach your flask: These water bottle clips often come in handy when you are climbing or hiking as constantly holding your water bottle can get a little irritating.
  6. A warm blanket: Warm blankets can also be useful when the need arises. Especially in the northern regions, it can get quite cold at night. According to many reports, temperatures can fall below 10 degrees Celsius. The blanket that is included in the 13-in-1 survival tool kit is made of Mylar. Mylar is a material made of polyester, which helps in keeping the user warm in harsh weather.
  7. Carabiner: A small Carabiner will be included in the 13-1 survival tool kit. It’s basically like a shackle that can be used to connect two ends. The purpose of this shackle is not for climbing, however.
  8. A tactical pen: This tactical survivor pen can be used as a powerful window breaker. The forceful push of the nib can break any glass structure. For instance, you can escape free from your car if you’re stuck inside it.
  9. A wire saw: A small compact saw which can be used to cut through insignificant twigs.
  10. A whistleblower: An aluminum whistleblower will be available in the tool kit. Its resonant frequency will alert people in the vicinity in case of an emergency. It can produce a staggering 120 decibels. 
  11. A Ferro rod: A device that can produce flaming hot sparks. This can be very helpful in starting a fire in the woods. Mostly people use this to start a fire for cooking or keeping themselves warm.
  12. A multi-tool striker: This is a very useful tool that can be used in many situations. It’s basically like a Swiss army knife with several tools. The main tools you will find in a multi-tool striker will include a screwdriver, a knife and scissors and so on.
  13. A fire igniter: You will also have access to a fire igniter. This will help you out in lighting up small fires.

Disastrous situations in which you can use the 13-in-1 survival tool kit to your advantage


Huge hurricane near Florida in America. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Accidents happen quite often and in the process result in injuries and in some cases, fatalities. Adventurers especially risk their lives by engaging in challenging activities like extreme mountain climbing and hill hiking. Apart from mountain climbers, almost anyone can experience a challenging situation. Such situations could include being lost in the forest or trying to maneuver through a difficult spot. 

The 13-in-1 survival tools kit is equipped with all the gear you will need to survive a difficult situation. With the help of this kit, it will be easier to protect yourself during a challenging journey. There can be many situations in which the emergency tool kit might save your life. Like if you get lost, you will have access to a compact compass that will give you direction. You might also come across unexpected situations that could be worse than a hike or mountain climb. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes occur quite frequently. If you encounter such a disaster, you must carry a survival kit with you. 

For instance, a strobe light which is included in the 13-in-1 survival kit is very useful. It can help in such a disastrous situation as it is quite powerful and can easily illuminate dark areas.

Why should you consider getting the 13-in-1 survival kit?

Firstly, the 13-in-1 survival tool kit comes within a very reasonable price. With all the latest equipment included in a compact and portable box, it is certainly value for the money. This portable survival tool kit will cost you around $29, and you will save on average about $6 as it is currently on sale. 

If you have the option of using a survival kit to your advantage, it’s honestly worth every penny. If not for yourself, you might be able to save the life of a loved one or someone who is very dear to you. Plus, think of the ease it will bring to your life. Even in your own home, these gadgets can be put to great use. You could use the equipment tool kit to repair minor damages etc. 

Advantages of using the 13-in-1 survival tool kit

  • You will be able to deal with minor issues. Igniting a fire or using the compass to get direction is used frequently. Or find your way around the house during a power outage by using the LED flashlight to your advantage.
  • The multi-tool credit card will help you in several ways like opening a can or tightening a loose bolt. A scrapper is also available, which can be used for multiple purposes.
  • You can also use the tree wire saw to cut small branches that may come in your way.
  • A water bottle clip is available within the survival kit. You can use to attach your bottle or flask to your backpack.
  • The emergency blanket which is made of Mylar will keep you warm in extremely cold weather. 
  • A tactical knife is also available, which can be used for many purposes. It’s ideal for carrying when you’re by yourself.
  • A miniature sized whistle is also included in the survival kit. It can be blown or used to get someone’s attention in case of an emergency.


The 13-in-1 survival tool kit does not have any major disadvantages. Other than the fact you have to carry it around, it is very useful. However, because of its lightweight and compact structure, it can easily be placed in a bag pack. Although it can be dangerous around kids if not placed somewhere secure.


Conclusively, the 13-in-1 survival tool kit has all the equipment that is required for a safe and sound journey. The risk of suffering a serious injury can be avoided if you’re smart. Using the tools available at your disposal intelligently will help in emergencies.. This survival kit can deliver a lot of benefits to those who have already been trained to survive dire situations. 

Military personnel, for instance, are trained under very harsh circumstances. This makes it easier for them to defend themselves in the long run. So the next time you plan your adventure, be sure to take the 13-in-1 survivor kit with you. It will definitely help you throughout your journey. It will also clear any obstacles in your path that may cause you trouble. 

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