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Most people are familiar with the term survival cooking gear due to its usefulness in disasters and camping. People who are fond of camping know the right things they need to make the experience easy and hassle-free. It could help you a lot if you carry your cooking gear, which is not heavy but gives you ultimate benefits. When we talk about the right things, then nothing could be complete without mentioning food.

What is survival cooking gear?

“Always prepare for the worst but hope for the best.”

Here is the proper definition for people who are not familiar with this term. Survival cooking gear is the equipment that we use to cook food without using modern techniques and conveniences. There are qualities that you can enjoy with this survival gear; 

  • Easy cooking 
  • Easy to carry here and there 
  • You do not need electricity or gas.
  • You can cook even in natural disasters and emergencies with the help of this portable gear. 

Best survival cooking gear

Life is full of adventure, and it is not good to halt the movements of your life by lacking the right equipment. Suppose if you are traveling, trekking, camping, or getting stuck in a place without help, you need one thing: food. You cannot cook the food supply without having proper food gear. It can be a unique problem, and that’s why this gear came about.  The equipment name is  “Kelly Kettle,” It doesn’t depend on modern conveniences to cook your food or boil your water.

Kelly kettle cooking survival gear 

This gear gives us a lifesaving solution at a minimal and reasonable price. The lower price does not compromise the quality and durability of the product. The Kelly Kettle is continually working to keep the satisfaction of the customer as a top priority. They are offering a wide range of survival gear methods to cater to all types of people. Here are the different sets of products that come under the umbrella of Kelly Kettle.

  • Kelly Kettle Kits
  • Kelly Kettle Kettles
  • Kelly Kettle Accessories

The above chart is showing different categories of products that the Kelly kettle offers. Let’s discuss the basics of each class.

Kelly Kettle (Kits) 


In this category, you can buy the full survival gear at a reasonable price and cook anywhere you need. The kit has everything that you need for cooking or boiling water outdoors. The package is unique and can fit into your traveling bag for easy carrying and moving. If you are looking for camping, fishing, hunting, and fun family picnics, you should have this in your backpack. Invest in this gear when you are looking for equipment in an emergency or for camping. Here are the items that come with this kit

  • Hobo stove 
  • Camp cups (1.7 lbs. weight)
  • Stainless steel camp plates 
  • Firebase
  • Pot support (4 cups capacity)
  • Camp plates (0.56 lbs. weight) 

All of the above products come up in small-large sizes, and the quality of the products vary according to the chosen package.

Kelly Kettle (Kettle)

If you do not want to purchase the whole kit, go for this single option, and buy only the kettle. The kettle is stainless steel and high quality that can boil water in just 3-5 minutes. It is effortless to manage the pot, and you can carry during picnics, fishing, hunting, trekkers, and other emergency needs. Here are the following working compartments of the kettle; 

  • Firebase to heat the things
  • Double-walled water chamber to store food or water
  • Chimney at the very top 

Kelly kettle (Accessories) 

Kelly kettle always prioritizes the comfort of the customer and comes up with fantastic deals and offers. If you do not need to purchase a pot or whole kit, you can buy separate accessories. All accessories are of premium quality and made up of high grade 304 stainless steel. The durable stainless steel contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and they are not magnetic.  

Best features that stand out, “Kelly Kettle.”

Many other companies are working to provide the survival gear, but the main thing is the quality. Here are the following points that help the Kelly Kettle stand out from others;

  • You can use this fantastic food kit for multipurpose like boiling water and cooking in the middle of adverse conditions.
  • The user-friendly kit comes at an economical price with lightweight and emergency preparedness gear.
  • The stainless-steel kit is durable and environmentally friendly, helping you fulfill your responsibility towards a tidy environment.
  • Apart from many other cool features, the Kelly kettle comes with lots of other accessories, carrying bags, and separate stoves to fulfill additional needs.
  • You can get free home delivery if you order more than  $50 and get answers to all of the queries from 24/7 customer support.
  • This durable survival gear has hundreds of positive online reviews that are available.
  • The Kelly Kettle is independently tested and has an”End of Life” certificate.
  • Available in the stainless steel and aluminum kettles that are for harsh weather conditions.
  • No need to pack and carry extra fuel containers, and it also comes with the integrated whistle in the kettle for alerts.

Pros and cons of the Kelly kettle

Apart from the above splendid features, here are some positive and negative points to give you a better insight into the product.


  • It heats food and water ultra-fast
  • Works in the harsh weather without using electricity and gas
  • It comes in different price ranges.
  • Eco-friendly and carbon neutral for camping at its very best 
  • You can quickly cook any amount of food in incredible pots.
  • All-purpose Kelly kettle can be for picnics, fishing, hunting, and a free storage bag.


  • The products lack customization; it could be cool to customize the kit according to your choice.
  • The price range may be a little high for some.


Final verdict 

Food is a necessity, and obviously, we need the right gear to make it readily available. The right food gear is of utmost importance, especially when you’re camping or in an emergency. If you search online, you can find plenty of overrated products with average quality. If you’re looking for the right gear for an emergency where you have no power or camping, then invest in “Kelle Kettle” equipment.

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