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In this blog, you will know the small portable solar generators‘ solution for the most crucial cause of the headaches people face during camping and hiking. Yes, I am talking about power backup! Camping and hiking are fun and adventurous, where we want to get relaxation from the tedious daily routine and just enjoy it. Still, an interrupted power supply may hinder you in your camp activities. A small portable power generator is an essence for hiking and camping out. Let us look into how these portable power generators have eased our outdoor and indoor activities.

How Are Small Portable Solar Generators Essential?

Portable solar generators are a blessing when you run out of power supply. In any emergency or electricity outage, you could easily carry on your desired duties by turning on your generator. Apart from indoor use, these portable generators are no less important in your outdoor recreation as well. Road trips, hiking, or camping could be a hard job in the absence of power supply. Be it charging your laptop or mobile, or in case of any emergency, small portable solar generators are the main constituent of your backpack and make it easier for you in the following ways:

  • No More Power Failure 

With a small portable solar generator along with you, you need not worry about the power supply. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck anywhere with no electricity around, with a small portable solar generator you may quickly charge the battery of a car and carry on your trip.

  • Dark Camps Are Boring

Charging your laptop or mobile is useful, but it may not lighten your campsite. Portable generators help you light up your camp area to let you have an exciting experience; also, it helps keep you safe from any animal nearby.

  • Ready, Steady, Music! 

Music is a simple ingredient to make your camp or hike full of fun and excitement. You could easily power up your music system to enjoy your food or dance and cheer up with your friends. All this could be achieved if you have the power generator with you.

Enjoy Your Camps with Small Portable Solar Generators

Camping in a distant place could not provide you an optimum comfort zone, but with a solar generator, you can easily have fantastic camping.

But Know Your Needs Before Buying A Portable Solar Generator!

Whenever you decide to buy a generator, you should keep in mind the needs that you want out of it. The generator should fulfill all of your objectives.

  • A measure of Energy Requirement

There are two ways to measure the power of generators; starting watt and running watt. Starting watt tells you the number of applications that you can run at the beginning while the running watt gives you an idea of how many apps you can run in combination with an average load. Of course, you must know how much your power requirement is and how much the generator could produce. You should also keep in mind to look over the run time of the generator and the fuel needed for the maximal run time. If you are looking for a camping generator, you should go for one to quickly produce power up to 13500BTU and run an air conditioner, refrigerator, charge laptops, and smartphones. 

  • Use:

These generators are used for a vast range of reasons. You should look into the objectives you have, whether you want it for camping, any household purpose, or any emergent situation. In case of emergency need, you should go for a standby generator with enough power and run time to carry on your chores.

How to Choose a Best Portable Solar Generator?

If you are planning to buy a portable generator, you must be considering a few aspects to get an ideal generator. Noise levels, usage of fuel, and power production:

  • Fuel:

Gasoline or diesel is commonly used fuel for running a portable generator. Propane has a much cleaner burning. Unfortunately, the burn rate is about two times faster compared to gasoline or diesel. Also, it is much extortionate. Therefore you should stick with gasoline or diesel when you have to run the generator for a more extended period.

  • Noise:

As you know, that generator could be very noisy, and in some cases, it could be too irritating. Therefore before buying any generator, you should first check the intensity of noise that it produces. Go for the ones that are less noisy and make sure they are not exceeding the sound limit set by the officials.

  • Warranty:

Generators usually carry a warranty ranging from one to four years or even more. You should buy from a reputed manufacturer with a more extended warranty period.

  • Price:

The price of the generator relates to the qualities it has. Many Chinese build generators are economical with good warranty stretch of one or more years and with adequate benefit and can be used for infrequent camping trips. Low-priced generators lack the advanced attributes that branded one’s posses, such as noise level demand. If you are a periodic user, then you must go for branded ones that provide excellent services with an extensive warranty.

Bluetti Small Portable Generators are the Highly Recommended Power Stations

Bluetti set up its foundation in 1991 and has expanded their line of products as high-quality professional manufacturers. They have top global ranks. Here are the details of 2 of their portable solar generators.

  • Bluetti AC10 99Wh/2675mah Portable Power Station

Bluetti AC10 99Wh/26756mAh Portable Power Station


It delivers 99 watt-hours of lithium power. Extra-portable design is one of the reasons you choose this power station. With AC10 portable solar generator, you have adequate power to head out for days or even weeks to charge your applications from your starting point to the end of your trip.

AC10 High Spots


  • The AC10 Is A Lightweight Portable Solar Generator:

One of the fantastic qualities of bluetti AC 10 is its lightweight. Its design is perfect to fit into bags, packs, and even camera cases. Therefore it is an ideal choice for traveling in case of limited space.


  • The Ac10 Is Fast Charging Portable Solar Generator: 


Another characteristic that molds you to choose bluetti AC10 is its fast charging. Within less time, it can provide you with more power. It charges USB-C laptops, smartphones, and tablets using the 45W USB-C power delivery port.

  • Bluetti Ac10 Hold an Extra-Safe Lithium Battery: 

This small portable solar generator contains LG lithium battery cells. These cells are known for their stability. This is because they have a state-of-the-art battery management system that monitors and prevents the battery from overcharging and short circuits.

What can a Bluetti AC10 charge? 

Recharge or power smart devices

  • MacBook 12″
  • MacBook Air 13.3″
  • MacBook Pro 13.3″
  • MacBook Pro 15″
  • Led lantern light
  • CPAP 


  • Bluetti AC20 200Wh/120W Portable Solar Generator


Top 2020 Solar Generators - Bluetti AC50 Portable Solar Generator


The AC20 is light in weight, which is a plus as compared to other generators. The generator delivers 200 watt-hours of lithium power. Moreover, it’s ultra-portable design helps you to carry it anywhere and everywhere! It provides you with a two-year warranty. You get free shipping and a 30 days return policy.

Ac20 High Spots

  • Compressed and Quiet:

The AC20 is one step ahead in providing a mobile lifestyle. It’s the perfect choice as it doesn’t produce any noise to displease you in any way. Moreover, it has a cooling system as well to avoid heating problems.


  • It is a High-Speed Charging Portable Power Station:

The AC20 is furnished with advanced charging technology. It contains two ultra-speed power delivery ports that can charge USB laptops, tablets, mirrorless cameras, and smartphones in a snatch of time.

  • AC20 Has A Pre-Installed MPPT:

The Bluetti AC20 is pre-installed with a solar charging optimization module that operates as a maximum power point tracker (MPPT), which results in approx 40% faster charging times! Solar panels play an essential role in this outcome.

  • An Extra-Safe Lithium Battery powers Bluetti AC20:

The station is installed with an LG lithium battery that is known for its stability. Having a state-of-the-art battery system enables it to monitor the station, which helps prevent overcharging and short-circuiting issues.

What can Bluetti AC20 charge?

  • Smartphones
  • Tablet
  • MacBook Air
  • Led lantern light 
  • CPAP
  • GoPro camera
  • Mini fridge 
  • Air pump 

Cons of the Small Portable Solar Generators 

  • Portable Solar Generators Are Temperature Sensitive 

Portable solar generators have many benefits, but it also contains some demerits that we should know for proper handling, and that is its heat-sensitive nature. The station cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures for an extended period. Therefore when using them in hot temperatures, make sure to keep the station in a cooler place while setting up the solar panels in such a way to get maximum exposure of sunlight.

Portable Solar Generators Are A Higher Price

Portable solar generators are costly as compared to the standard fuel generators. It is the initial investment you’ll make, keeping in mind the maintenance cost and running costs are lower than regular fuel generators. 


you know how essential a portable power generator can carry out your indoor and outdoor activities, especially camping, hiking, and road trips. You also know how to choose the best generator for your needs. In this regard, the Bluetti AC 10 and Bluetti AC20 are excellent choices because of their lightweight, fast charging, and ultra-portability. If you camp frequently, don’t waste time and just buy a perfect portable power generator to make your camps filled with fun and adventure! Place your order today for the A C Portable 10 generator here or the BLUETTI AC 20 series here.

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