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Flooding is widespread around the world. That is the reason why Sandbags are often in season all year round. Sandbags are essentially blockages filled with sand, rocks, and soil to form substantial barriers to protect against floods. 

Flooding is a natural disaster that costs countries billions upon billions a year. In the United States alone, floods cost the country over $5.6 billion annually. Moreover, in Canada, floods are the most common natural disaster and are often caused by either heavy rainfall or ice caps’ melting. It indicates that Sandbags have their significance in avoiding troublesome expenses. 

Sand Bags and Its Uses:


Filled sandbags being placed to stop flood waters.

Sandbags are a simple but effective way to prevent damages during a flooding disaster. They are usually filled with sand or soil and placed in the course of speedily flowing water as a barrier. People living in areas prone to floods put sandbag walls in areas where rapid flowing water will hit, although this is not guaranteed.

  • Sandbags help oppose or slow down the flow of water.
  • These bags are stackable and help prevent destruction. 
  • They can limit erosion due to flooding.

Advantages Of Sandbags:

  • The bags and sand are inexpensive
  • Empty sandbags are easily stored and transported when needed

Weaknesses of Sandbags:

  • Filling the bags is labor-intensive, requiring a 3-man team. 1 for holding the bag open, 1 for using a shovel and filling it, and 1 for transporting the load to the proper place
  • Bags can become contaminated by sewage that the flood brings
  • Disposing of the bags can be difficult when transporting them to a landfill.

A Newer Innovation: Sand-Less Bags


Image of a Double-garage sandless bag kit.

The Storm Bag Flood Protection Kit by Legacy Food Storage has been introduced to deter floodwater from getting into garages and doors where floodwater enters and destroys your home and valuables. 

These bags are manufactured with the material needed inside the bag and sealed shut until it is necessary for flooding control. 

Sand-Less Bag Advantages

  • No Sand is needed. 
  • The bags are Lightweight (16 oz), easy to move, and store in a small space. Bags are 33 pounds after throwing them in water.
  • Biodegradable, you don’t have to take them to a landfill.


  • Bags are acceptable in freshwater only. Can’t be used in saltwater
  • You can only use them one-time. 

Sandless bag with all material inside to activate.

Comparison of Sandless-Bags vs. Sandbags

As you have read, both can be effective as a flood barrier. 

The significant difference is the workforce needed to employ them.

With sandbags, you’ll need a 3-man team for optimal results. The bags are labor-intensive in filling and employing them where and when you need them.

With the sandless-bag, all you need is to throw them in water and place them where needed. 

What Contents Are Included In Legacy’s Sandless-Bag Kit?

Although most sandbags are undoubtedly filled with sand, the Legacy Sand-less bag varies from traditional sandbags. With the all-new sand-less bag, you can submerge them in water for a few minutes, and they’ll fill on their own. Moreover, they’ll weigh at least 33 lbs, which means that they’ll form a decent protective structure. 

The Sandbags by Legacy Food Storage come in four different assortments. All of them consist of the following:

  • A roll of Duct Tape: Standard roll of tape used to hang up the plastic sheets alongside your sand-less bags. 
  • Box Cutter: This piece of equipment is basically to help cut through the plastic sheets you’ll receive. Furthermore, cut the bags with this cutter once you’ve used them up and let them dry. 
  • Plastic Sheets: To act as an additional piece of insulation and to completely cover the entrances. 
  • StromTecStorm Bags: The bags, which, when submerged in water, will fill instantly and act as barriers. 

You can buy these bags based on how often floods impact your home. If you live in an area where floods are widespread, then the “Double Garage Door, Protection Kit” may work best for you. It consists of twenty-five Storm Tec Storm bags, a box cutter, a roll of duct tape, and plastic sheets. If you don’t witness frequent floods, go for a lighter package.

How To Activate and Install These Bags?

By following the below steps, you can easily activate and install your Legacy Sand Less Bags.

Step 1: Verify the Contents of Box: One standard box includes duct tape, a razor knife, a thick plastic sheet, and multiple Sand Less Bags. Make sure that the boxed sheet is of the same size as your purchased bags.

Step 2: Hydrate the Bags: To use these bags, it is essential to completely submerge them in freshwater. It is recommended to soak them for 3-5 minutes or until they swell entirely.


The hydrated bag.

Step 3: Apply Plastic Sheeting to Door: The purchased Storm Tec bag comes with plastic sheeting to cover the duct tape doors. Make sure to mention your door type while ordering.

Step 4: Place the Bags: After putting the sheet in the door frame, place the swollen bags with your door. Make sure the bags are joined to each other and are established firmly together.

Step 5: Removal of Visqueen and Bag Disposal: After the Flood, remove the plastic sheet and duct tape. You can dispose of the bags by either drying them or putting them in the trash. The same can be done by tearing the bags and dispersing the biodegradable material on a flat surface.

That is the complete process which you can follow from the activation to the disposal of the bags.

What your Legacy Sand-less bags contain?

Single Door Protection Kit –

Protects a single 4’W x 8″H Opening

  • 5 StormTec StormBags
  • 6’x10’ 4 mil plastic sheet
  • 1 roll duct tape
  • 1 box cutter

Double Door Protection Kit –

Protects a single 7’W x 8″H Opening

  • 10 StormTec StormBags
  • 10’x10’ 4 mil plastic sheet
  • 1 roll duct tape
  • 1 box cutter
Single Garage Door Protection Kit –
  • 15 StormTec StormBags
  • 14’x12’ 4 mil plastic sheet
  • 1 roll duct tape
  • 1 box cutter

Double Garage Door Protection Kit –


  • 25 StormTec StormBags
  • 22’x12’ 4 mil plastic sheet
  • 1 roll duct tape
  • 1 box cutter

Whether you need protection for a single door or a garage, the Legacy Stormdoor Protection Kit has you covered.

Just count the number of doors and the size of garages you need to protect from floodwater and then order accordingly.

Final Words And Conclusion

Although both effectively provide barriers and guide water away from your house and the structures you want to protect, we know it is merely more straightforward with the Legacy Sandless bag. It’s lightweight and activated quickly by throwing the sandless bag in water versus buying the bags, filling them up with sand, and transporting all to the location you need them, which will cost you more time and money. Check them out and try before the next hurricane, heavy rains, and storms hit.

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