On the counter water filter with hot, cold, and tap water availability.

Are you fed up with heavy water bottles? If yes! Then on the counter, water filters are must-try for you. We all know that water is the basic necessity of life, and it is also vital to drink clean water. We live in a world where people struggle to get water; it does not matter if it’s hygienic. Around 144 million people are those who depend on surface water, which is not pure. According to the CDC, 790 million (11% of the world population) do not have access to an improved water supply system. We all know these problems are real; that’s why we need a reliable, sustainable, and long-term water purifier source. When we talk about the best water filters, nothing is better than the “Countertop bottle-less water cooler” by filter water.com.

What are countertop bottle-less water coolers?

We all know that in this technological age, everyone is looking for perfect-handy products. So, there is nothing better than a water filter that you can place on the top of a shelf. Although there are many brands, filterwater.com is winning the game by introducing a countertop bottle-less filter. These filters have a unique design that you keep on a kitchen counter. Due to the small, stylish, and compact design, you can use them anywhere. It is fantastic for household use as well as office use.

How does it work? 

The functionality and workings are user friendly, and you can easily use it in designer kitchens. It’s a stylish design. You only need to connect it with the primary water source and enjoy fresh, cold, hot, and clean water from one source. The unlimited supply of hot and cold water is making it useful among people. There are up to 5 stages of water filtering that have kept the demand for these coolers high.

Different types of countertop bottle-less water coolers

Filterwater.com is working tirelessly to serve all types of customers according to their needs and demands. So, these are the following types of on the counter water filters, segregated by various models; 

  • FW-PRO countertop water cooler bottle-less
  • FW-650 Countertop water cooler bottle-less
  • FW-I020 countertop water cooler and ice dispenser
  • FW-2000CT countertop water cooler bottle-less
  • Turbo countertop water cooler

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FW-PRO countertop water cooler bottle-less

FW-PRO Water Cooler Countertop Hot And Cold Bottleless, FW-PRO


The sleek and elegantly designed water cooler is famous as the FW-PRO. It is an award-winning bottle-less filter that came on the market in 2015 with 2-stage and 3-stage reverse osmosis filtration. This machine’s primary function is to serve hot, cold, and room temperature filtered water. Each model is like the other. So here are the following details to help you with the product;


Model Name FW-PRO
Product by Filter water
Type Cold/hot/clean water dispenser
Weight of the product 30 lbs.
Cooling capacity 1.5 gallons/hour 37-50 F
Heating capacity 1.3 gallons/hour 180 F
Power voltage 110 voltage


After knowing the basic knowledge about this incredible water purifier system, it is time to understand its amazing features.

Highlighted features; 

Here are the following highlighted features of this incredible piece, which will help you determine its value.

  • The FW-PRO has a built-in 2-stage dual micron carbon for a water filtration system that can block up to 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Apart from germs, it reduces chlorine, removes bad odors, taste, lead, and insecticide.
  • The incredible and easy to use water filtration system can easily fit under a sink or kitchen cabinet. Its weight and stylish design make it handier and more elegant. 
  • You can get hot, cold, and clean water just by pressing a single button. With the help of an LED display, you can quickly fix the temperature according to your need.
  • It also has the function of sparkling water; you can activate it if you feel fuzzy.
  • It comes in $495, but if you purchase three or four, then the unit price would be $480 and $465.

Check out the FW-Pro here.

FW-650 countertop water cooler bottle-less

FW-650 Countertop Water Cooler Bottleless

FW-650 is a bit advanced from the FW-PRO, and filetrwater.com introduced this fantastic product in 2018. If you are looking for an exceptional style for drinking, then your search has ended now. Here are specifications of this advance machine;


Model name FW-650 comes with different filtration stages
Weight of the machine 44 lbs.
Type Cold/hot and clean water dispenser
Cooling capacity 1.5 gallons/hour 37-50 F
Heating capacity 1.3 galloons/hour 180 F
POWER Works at 110 voltage


Highlighted features; 

These are the following shining features of this stylish, elegant and trendy machine; 

  • The FW-650 has a built-in three stages or 4 stage filtration process with an ultra-purification system. You can also set up this system with a reverse 4 stage osmosis purification system.
  • It comes with three and four stages of filtration that work to eliminate particles. The three-stage filter removes particles up to 0.5 microns while the 4-stage screen kills up to 0.2 microns.
  • The reverse osmosis system can produce water that is 100 percent pure.
  • All essential functions like elegance, beauty, and best filtration technology come in one machine with reliability and sustainability.
  • The energy-saving sleep mode helps to sustain the most economical machine with large storage tanks.
  • The price of one unit is $499, but if you purchase 3 or 4 pieces, then the per-unit price would be $484 and $469.

You can purchase the FW-650 here.

FW-I020 countertop water cooler and ice dispenser 

FW-I020 CounterTop Water Cooler And Ice Dispenser

It is a water filtration dispenser that is handy, stylish, and reliable. Here are the specifications of this beautiful piece.


Model Name FW-I020
Type Cold, hot and ice water
Weight 52.5 lbs.
Cooling capacity 1.85 gallons/hour
Heating capacity 1.3 galloons/hour
Daily ice production 15 pounds with 1.2 pounds of the ice storage


Highlighted features; 

  • A beauty that came in the market in 2019 with advanced technology and a built-in 3 stage filtration system.
  • Apart from hot and cold water, it can produce ice, which is unique in these dispensers.
  • It does not take much space, and you can easily fit it anywhere according to your preference. Along with that, you can easily set the hot and cold temperatures.
  • Although the discounted price of this incredible machine is $999, you can buy this at a monthly installment of $34/month. If you buy 3 or 4 pieces at once, the per unit would be $984 and $969.
  • This state-of-the-art machine comes with an LG compressor that comes with a three-year warranty.

Check it out by clicking here.

FW-2000CT countertop water cooler bottle-less

FW-2000CT Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler


Model Name FW-2000CT that comes with three stages, four stages and reverse osmosis filtration process
Weight of the filter 44 lbs.
Type Hot cold and room temperature water with separate tanks
Cooling capacity 1.5 gallons/hour
Heating capacity 1.3 gallons/hour
Warranty 1-year manufacturing and three years compressor


Highlighted features; 

These are the following state of the art features of this incredible water filtration machine. 

  • You have the choice to choose from carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, or plain water purifier.
  • The hydraulic float works amazingly, and it switches off the filter automatically when full.
  • The adjustable cold and hot water temperature work great and come with an energy-saving mode.
  • You can easily connect it with the tap. It has enough space to keep a sports bottle or a large container at the side. 
  • It comes with the LG compressor, and the price of a single piece is just $599 with great qualities. If you buy 3 or 4 water filters, the discounted price per unit would be $584 and $569. You can also get it at a monthly installment of $17/month.

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Turbo countertop water cooler 

Turbo Countertop Water Cooler by Crystal Quest

It is one of the best solutions to keep in offices, rooms, and kitchens with stylish design and decorative edges. Here are the following model specifications of this fantastic piece;


Model name CQE-WC-00908
Weight 37 lbs. and can easily fit everywhere
Heating capacity 1.5 gallons/per hour
Cooling capacity 1 gallon/hour
Electricity Available in 120 voltage
Filtration technology 5 stage filtration process


The features;

  • One of its features is the 5-stage filtration process. At the 5th stage, another one-micron filtration pad ensures the reduction of chemicals and particles.  
  • It can remove bad odors, dirt, and chemical contaminants along with other filthy particles.
  • The easy installation and automatic shut off feature enhance the cooling and heating capacity. 
  • The stylish looking filter is effortless to clean, and the extra cleanliness enhances the extra cooling efficiency.
  • The price of one unit is $519, but you can get a discount if you buy four or more than ten units. If you buy four pieces, the price would be $489/unit, and for ten units price is $469/unit.  

Available now.

Why should I go for the on the counter water filters?

It is one of the best opportunities that you can grab at a reasonable price. Although it looks a little expensive when you see it, the reality is the other way around. Here is a comparison with regular grocery stores selling one gallon of water, which will help you in understanding these machines’ unique qualifications.

The price of one grocery store’s water gallon is $1, and if you consume one-gallon each day, then the monthly charges would be $30. It is without cooling and heating capacity; you are getting regular water by spending $30/month. 

$1*30 (days of month) = $30/month for 1 gallon daily 

$30* 12 (months) = $360/yearly

But if you go for the on the counter water filters, the regular cost is around $500-$600. It comes with heating, cooling, purification, and ice production capacity. These machines would cost you about $140-240 more than buying a gallon of water a day for the first year from a grocery store. It would be paid off in the second year.  The more water you drink and the more people who drink from these machines, the less it cost you per gallon of water to own. Here is the calculation to prove the point; 

$500/12 (months)= $60/month of unlimited bottles 

For $60/month, you can enjoy hot, cold, room temperature, and iced water for one year. There isn’t any restriction on the usage of water and you enjoy the countless gallons of water at a low price. So, make the best decision of such a sensible investment and enjoy clean and filtered water at such a low price. In addition, these machines can be financed for a low monthly cost. 

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