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During extreme rainfall and storms, dog owners should know how to prepare their dogs for hurricanes. Dogs are loving creatures and are considered to be man’s best friend. They can be ferocious and, at the same time, friendly. Their loyalty to their owner sets them apart from other pets, although all pets are very loving and caring. However, dogs are much more protective as it’s within their blood to protect their owner. That is the reason why many people are keeping dogs as their security system. We know that dogs are capable of protecting us. But are we capable of protecting them? In disastrous situations like tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms, people have to evacuate their homes, and very frequently, they leave their pets behind.

As mentioned above, it is often the case that many people leave their pets amid hurricanes and extreme weather. The gut-wrenching scenes of dogs and cats in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Katrina lays a testament to that fact. It is estimated that 250,000 were abandoned during these storms, and as a result, many died. Other than the fact that it is considered highly immoral to leave them, pets, especially dogs, can help you during such situations. You might be thinking, “How can a dog help me survive a hurricane when it can’t even help itself?” Remember that dogs are considered to be one of the most protective and caring animals in the world. Dogs will do their best to protect you provided you train them in a particular manner. Training your dog for such events is crucial. To ensure its survival, you should do so. 

What Is The Importance Of Training Your Pets?


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If you’re a true dog lover, you’ll know the answer to this question, however, for those who never trained their dogs what so ever should pay attention. You can instruct your dog to perform various functions. Teaching them to sit, stand, and rollover are some of the fundamental training techniques. This type of training is mostly incorporated when you want your dog to be more playful. However, training your dog to survive extreme situations is where the real coaching begins. 

Your dogs should know what to do when a hurricane hits or for any severe natural calamity, for that matter. For instance, your dog should know about certain designated areas in the house that could be safe and above water levels. They should also know how to evacuate from small trap doors as well. These are minor protocols that can help in saving your dog’s life. Professional guard dogs that serve in the police force are given such training. Although their training is more focused on catching criminals and detecting smuggled drugs, the methods are more or less the same. It would help if you had the right trainer for the job, and your dog will follow. 

Dogs can not only be trained to help themselves; they can also be trained to help you as well. For instance, you can teach your specific dog commands that it will understand when the situation calls for it. Training them to understand these particular commands will help you and your family get out of difficult situations. Secondly, you can alert your dog by whistling as dogs are known to respond to high-frequency sounds quickly. 

To train your dog to do such things, you can use techniques such as teach them to follow when called upon and giving them a treat after successful completion of a task. If you’re stuck in a tight spot during a hurricane, you can alert your dogs by calling their name, and hopefully, they’ll be able to assist in one way or another. For instance, suppose your child is unable to swim and is not able to evacuate the house. In such a scenario, most dogs could assist your child by carrying them on their back. There are a few dog breeds out there which are considered to be excellent swimmers, and when it comes to saving their owner, they are most reliable. Therefore, you must prepare your dog for such situations as soon as possible, as you never know when such a disaster might hit.

There have been many reported cases in which dogs have been seen helping their owners get out of difficult situations. Such events included being stuck in your car, drowning, and even getting a heart attack. Therefore, it’s essential to train your dog to ensure its safety and yours.

Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog Behind When Evacuating Your Home


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Irrespective of how ferocious and courageous a dog can be, these animals are still empathetic creatures. Leaving your dog behind during a hurricane or any natural calamity will leave your dog distressed and worried. If you manage to get yourself out but leave your dog behind, you should immediately call animal services. Like regular rescue services, animal services are also available at your disposal, if you’re not able to rescue your dog. 

Animal rescue services are almost everywhere in the world now. The people that operate these services are trained professionals who know how to deal with animals and especially pets. Secondly, if you leave your dog behind during a hurricane, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see it again. On top of that, your canine will have to face mal-nourishment, leading to starvation and other kinds of diseases. There are, however, GPS enabled collars that can help you locate your dog, irrespective of whether you leave your dog intentionally or unintentionally. However, if you have no other alternative but leave them behind, make sure you follow some of the tips mentioned below.

  1. Don’t Cage Them: When you leave your dog at home, make sure they aren’t caged in any dog carrier or dog house. They should be left inside your house so that they can roam around easily.
  2. Leave Some Food And Medication: Before you leave your house, make sure that you leave some dog food behind. Your dog has the same basic needs a human being would have, at least a three day supply of dog food, three day supply of water, and any medications if needed. Remember to place the dog food somewhere your dog can easily access. 
  3. Leave Some Water For Them: Water is an essential fluid for your dog. If your dog gets dehydrated, it will get weak. Secondly, consuming water helps ingestion food, which helps in absorbing the essential nutrients from the food your dog eats.

Where Can You Leave Your Dogs In Case A Hurricane Hits?


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If you don’t have enough resources to take care of your dog during a hurricane, you can always leave them at a dog shelter. If your local shelter accepts dogs, you’ll need a pet carrier to place them in, so it doesn’t wander around and cause problems. Your dog can often get intimidated and scared by such places, which can, as a result, cause panic. 

Make sure that your dog is calm and at ease before you leave it at a shelter. Having copies of your dogs’ medical records, vaccination reports, and other documents might be required at some dog shelters. Print copies and store them in a zip-locked bag to keep them safe. Make sure you have a few pictures of the dog, so if it gets lost, you can show people the image of your dog so that they may be able to identify it. A dog collar with your name and phone number will also allow people to call you if your dog is found. 

Four Ways In Which Can Help You Prepare Your Dog For A Hurricane.

To train a dog, you will first need to get your facts straight. Dogs can be prepared in various ways. You can teach them to fetch, roll over, sit, stand, crawl, etc. However, training your dog to survive a hurricane will be somewhat different. 

Given below are four methods you can incorporate when preparing your dog for such a disaster.

  1. Get A Microchip Collar: Unlike standard dog collars, microchip dog collars are GPS enabled. In case you and your dog ever experience a disastrous situation like a Hurricane, a microchip dog collar can be used to your advantage. So if your dog ever gets loses its way, you will able to track it using your mobile phone.
  2. Keep A Sturdy Leash Handy: During a hurricane, your dog will mostly remain by your side. However, it is recommended that you still keep a leash tied around your dogs’ neck. With the help of a dog leash, you will guide your dog if it gets stuck under challenging spots.
  3. Make Preparations For Your Dogs’ Waste: Amid severe hurricanes, you should not allow your dog to outside and drop its waste. Under such conditions, it is hazardous for your dog to go out and do its business. It would be best if you made some preparations in your own home so that your dog can drop its waste comfortably. It would help if you designated certain areas in your home where your dog can defecate easily.
  4. Stockpile Necessary Medicines for Your Pet: Like humans, dogs can also experience diseases and illnesses. And during a hurricane, your dog could most likely catch a disease. For this particular reason, it is essential that you pre-pack a few medicines for your dog. Consult your local veterinarian for drugs you should be carrying for your dog.

How Can You Comfort Your Dog Amid A Hurricane?


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Most dogs can get quite frightened when a hurricane or thunderstorm hits. Such fear can lead to a lot of panic. That is why dogs start shivering and barking loudly. During these times, you need to stay by their side and comfort them. It will make your canine less nervous and frightened. 

Given below are some steps you can incorporate if your dog gets a little too anxious.

  1. Start Petting Them: Dogs love nothing more than the touch of their owner. Petting your dog can easily make them calm and less anxious. In case you have small puppies, consider holding them in your arms.
  2. Play Some Music: According to many dog neurologists, music’s sound has proven to calm down dogs in stressful situations. The sound of music can divert your dog’s attention from the terrifying sounds of thunderstorms and hurricanes.
  3. Use supplements: There are many supplements available on the market which can help in calming your dog. Such supplements usually contain Thiamin, melatonin, and chamomile. These substances significantly help in managing your dog’s nerves. Humans also consume some of the substances mentioned above. Chamomile, mostly, is consumed worldwide, which allows people to calm down their nerves. 


Conclusively, preparing your dog for situations like hurricanes can be made accessible, provided you have the expertise to do so. It’s not that difficult to develop a dog. All you need is the right training mindset, and you’re good to go.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. A terrible hurricane, we must face his existence, it is very necessary to prepare for it before it comes. It is very useful for you to put forward relevant emergency measures and precautions. I hope more people can See your website and learn from it.

  2. Hey there! I don’t have a dog, but I bet that is great advice for a cat, as well. Of course, cats are more panicky, but knowing about finding care is important. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Awesome of you to be posting this important message on being prepared and having an action plan for your pets in a disaster. I don’t think many people in my country (New Zealand) will have a plan in place for their pets, and at the moment we are following all the bush fires in Australia , its not just the wildlife that is affected, domestic pets are in the line of fire in the areas being evacuated as well.

    • It’s important to know how to keep your pets safe & secure during a disaster. Having a plan in place will keep you & your pets on track.

      Take care of yourself, your family, and your pets.


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