If there’s anything that hurricanes have taught us, it’s that we need to prepare our dogs for a hurricane.


The gut-wrenching scenes of dogs and pets in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Katrina, lays testament to that fact as it is estimated that 250,000 were abandoned during these storms. Many died.

So, the question is “How to Prepare Your Dog For A Hurricane?’

 Not Evacuating Your Home

Make sure Fido has a place to pee.

You might be able to put a kiddie pool inside, with sod inside of your garage, or a closet you have.

It’s much safer for Fido if he doesn’t go outside the house.

If you haven’t got a kiddie pool, with sod, you can put newspapers or wee pads down for him to use.

Where is your dog going to sleep?

Use the bedding he has if he is sleeping in the house now. If not, get some bedding and put him in a safe place.

Your dog has the same basic needs you have, at least 3 days of dog food, 3 days of water, and any medications he needs.

Put the medications in a zip-locked storage bag to protect them against water and somewhere safe so that you can find them easily.

If You Evacuate Your Home

You need to know exactly where you’re heading.

If it’s to a shelter, will they accept dogs?  Some won’t, which means you’ll have to find an alternative place for your dog to stay.


Opened pet travel plastic carrier with Yorkshire Terrier inside

If the shelter accepts dogs, you’ll need a pet carrier to place him in so he doesn’t wander around and cause havoc. Your dog is scared and this can cause panic.

Having copies of your dogs’ medical records, vaccinations and the like, might be required at some shelters. Make copies and put them in a zip-locked bag for safekeeping.

Make sure you have a picture of the dog, so if he becomes lost, you can show people the picture and identify him.

A dog collar with your name and phone number will also allow people to call you if your dog is found.

It’s important to have enough food and water for your dog, as you probably can’t find enough, if any, at a shelter.


Have Your Evacuation Plan Ready Before The Hurricane Hits

Already having a plan in place will relieve the panic and anxiety you and your pet are experiencing.

Just knowing where to go, and what is needed, cuts down the time it takes to get going, and you may have to leave in a hurry.

Keep Your Plan In a Safe Place And Follow it

It helps you save time and energy before the hurricane hits.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. A terrible hurricane, we must face his existence, it is very necessary to prepare for it before it comes. It is very useful for you to put forward relevant emergency measures and precautions. I hope more people can See your website and learn from it.

  2. Hey there! I don’t have a dog, but I bet that is great advice for a cat, as well. Of course, cats are more panicky, but knowing about finding care is important. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Awesome of you to be posting this important message on being prepared and having an action plan for your pets in a disaster. I don’t think many people in my country (New Zealand) will have a plan in place for their pets, and at the moment we are following all the bush fires in Australia , its not just the wildlife that is affected, domestic pets are in the line of fire in the areas being evacuated as well.

    • It’s important to know how to keep your pets safe & secure during a disaster. Having a plan in place will keep you & your pets on track.

      Take care of yourself, your family, and your pets.


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