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When it comes to how to prepare a house for a hurricane this is where you start. The first thing I will do is go around both the outside and the inside of the house and evaluate its existing condition for a hurricane. You’ll also want to check your insurance policies to ensure you have enough to rebuild your house.

Inspect The Property-Outside and Inside

Start with the outside of the house to see what property poses the most danger to it.

With the coming of a hurricane, you’ll need to get garbage cans, swings, outdoor furniture and any loose property secured and out of the way. Anything loose can cause damage and injury.

If possible, put as much as you can inside the garage.

Check trees for loose branches and trim them. This allows wind to go through, without taking the loose tree limbs, which can hit your house and cause more damage.

Now, let us check out the house itself starting with the doors and windows.

Are the outside doors secure or could the wind wipe them open causing debris to blow through easily like a bullet that could hurt and kill you?

If the doors aren’t secured with a deadbolt, and strong hinges, consider buying so as your outside doors are more secure to the wind.

How about the windows?

Do you have storm windows or plywood to protect them from breaking?

Protecting your windows will go a long way in protecting the inside of your house as high projectiles of debris can do major damage.

The largest opening or potential opening is the roof of the house.

Make sure the shingles are attached and intact and replace them if not.

The next largest opening is your garage door

They allow large amounts of water to get into the home and along with the roof can cause the most damage to your house.

The cheapest way to secure the garage door and protect the inside of your house is with a bracing system. You may be able to use as few as 3 which will stop the wind from blowing in and the air from sucking out of your home.

Hurricane panels are also an option. These are the same type of products that are used on windows and doors to secure them.

Garage – door netting can also be used and are attached when the hurricane is approaching.

Nothing beats a generator when it comes to keeping your electricity on and during a hurricane assume the worst, the electricity is going to go off.

So consider purchasing a permanent generator which you can turn on when the electricity goes out or get a portable one. You’ll probably need it.

How to protect the Inside of your house

Most of the damage to your house will come from the outside with debris flying through the air at incredibly high speed.

But what do you if a window breaks or a hole in the roof occurs.

You can limit the damage to your house by having and preparing a few things.

Get your bookshelves, TV stands, and other loose objects secured so they can’t fall and cause more damage and cleanup problems.

Keep a few buckets for possible ceiling leaks and have a couple of tarps to secure window openings or small roof holes. Both will help in limiting damage inside your house.

Check your insurance policy for home replacement


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Windstorm and flood insurance

Check the declarations page for relevant facts and deductibles.

Make sure you review your coverage with the insurance company or their representative to insure you have good coverage and that if a catastatrophe hits, you’re covered.

The coverage you’re needing to look at will include:

  • The deductible and coverage for rebuilding your house
  • Replacing your content
  • Additional expenses in case you have to live somewhere else while your house is built

Additional items to have on hand

I know this is about protecting your house but make sure you have plenty of food, water, your medications for you and your family, a first aid kit, and photos you deem priceless.

If you have to evacuate, notify family and friends, know the best route to get out and make sure you fill up your car with gas to get there.

These additional items will help you keep safe.

Now: Have you prepared

You’ve done the work to limit the damage to both the inside and the outside of your house.

The insurance policies have been updated so you feel protected to insure your house is rebuilt to your needs.

If the hurricane hits the area, you know where to go, and who to notify, in the event you have to evacuate.

Now all we need to do is hope no hurricane hits to ruin the day.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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