Power cuts can put you in a terrible situation and disrupt activities in your home. Fortunately, with the rising affordability of green solar energy and solar panel systems, home emergency batteries with backup power are coming to the rescue.


How do home emergency batteries work?

While home emergency batteries can draw energy from the power grid, the greener option is pairing them with your solar panel system. 

These batteries store up excess energy from the power grid or solar panels for later—especially when there is a power outage. 

However, charging your home battery with the power grid means it would only be good for one charge if there is a prolonged power outage. 

Therefore, the best option is pairing your home emergency battery with a solar panel system.

In this case, your batteries are charged during the daytime (sunlight) and that stored energy can be used to power your home at nighttime or during an outage. 

Components needed to install home battery 













An inverter must be paired with your home battery during installation.

All home appliances are powered by alternating current (AC).

Solar panels, however, generate electricity from the sun in direct current (DC) and store it in your home battery in DC, too.

Solar inverters are designed to convert DC to AC for home appliance use. 

  1. Racks, enclosures, and screws

Racks, enclosures, and screws are needed to hold your home emergency battery in place and on the ground or to the wall.

  1. Plastic piping 

Plastic piping is needed for protecting your vulnerable wires.

  1. Solar Panels


Of course, you don’t need solar panels to use a home battery, but solar panels are not just a better option but also the greener and the most economical option.

A solar panel system allows you to continue charging your home battery during prolonged power cuts.

With enough free sunlight, solar panels will continue generating electricity, saving excess energy in your emergency battery power. 

You can then use the backup power for your everyday use.

This becomes your solar generator.

The capacity of a home emergency battery


The benefits of a home emergency battery cover both short and long-term power cuts.

Before pairing a home battery to your solar panel, it’s important to know the capacity your battery can supply your home with when there is an outage.

Measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), the home emergency battery’s capacity often ranges from 1 kWh to 10 kWh.

Of course, batteries can be combined to get more capacity.

However, the most popularly installed battery by homeowners is the 10 kWh battery.

At full charge, you can use 90 to 95 percent of your stored energy.

While the remaining 5 to 10 percent is the minimum charge taken by the chemical composition of the home battery.

Your home energy consumption

When using your home emergency battery backup power during an outage, ensure you use stored electricity for the most essential things.


This could be your mobile gadgets, lights, AC, refrigerators, and so on.

Note that the more appliances you use and the longer you use them, the faster your battery drains. 

Definitely, to save perishable foods and drinks, your refrigerator is probably one of the most vital things to power on. New Energy Star-approved fridge models use about 1 to 2 kWh of electricity daily. 

For hot periods, your AC is also important. A typical home AC unit running for six hours daily consumes about 1.5 kWh of electricity hourly.

Water heating takes an average of 18 percent of the total household energy. If you let it run for 2 to 3 hours daily, you will consume about 5 kWh of electricity daily.


Why you should pair a home emergency battery with your home’s solar panel system

  1. Save money


    the concept of the house energy saving

Of course, you would be saving a lot on your electric bill with a home emergency battery.

Utility companies often set up a time-of-use (TOU) method of payment.

This means cost may vary at off-hours (low) and peak hours (high) depending on the time of the day.

You can save massively by using your home battery during peak hours. 

  1. Boost your consumption of solar power

Solar panels are regularly generating more excess energy than your home can use at once.

Instead of wasting your solar power, and installed home battery ensures the storage of excess energy for later use.

  1. Lower your dependence on the grid

At sundown, many solar users are still reliant on the power grid.

Unluckily, utility companies see evenings as peak hours, as most people use electricity then. With home emergency batteries, you can avoid these peak periods by discharging your home battery for backup power. 

  1. Saves you during disasters

A home emergency battery is great for one thing: emergencies. During natural disasters, the power grids may likely shut down due to damage to the power lines. If you own a home emergency battery, however, the solar backup power can save you and your family a world of stress. 

5 Lowers your carbon footprint

Solar power is great because you are saving the environment.

Instead of depending on the coal-powered grid, which contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions, as well as global warming and climate change.

A solar panel system coupled with a home emergency battery can assist in completely cutting you off the grid which is powered by burning fossil fuel.

By investing in solar generators, you lower global carbon emissions, protect our planet and ecosystem while helping to preserve wildlife and safeguard human health. Besides being money-savers, a greener Earth is possible with solar generators. Even in a total blackout, you can watch TV, charge your phone, gadgets, and even your electric car. 


Getting a quality solar generator (solar panel system coupled with home emergency battery) is imperative if you need energy security. Especially during emergencies and power outages.

Solar generators guarantee nonstop access to electricity whenever you need it by creating an end-to-end system for generating energy, storing it, and powering your home.

 If you are interested in acquiring quality home batteries and solar panels, Legacy Food Storage delivers one of the most efficient solar generators on the market.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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