Biker on a motorcycle with winter riding gear


Do you ride a motorcycle during the winter?

If you do, then this article is for you.

If you’re riding a motorcycle to get to work, for pleasure, or just to save gas, then you know how cold it can get. Finding the right motorcycle gear can be imperative for staying warm. This post will give you extensive research on the different types of heated motorcycle riding gear for men & women.

Acquiring a bike is easy, but getting the right heated protective gear is a problem.  Most of what you get on the market may not be comfortable.

After doing extensive research you’ll want to purchase heated gear which is pocket-friendly for putting your various items in and hooking up the heating elements of various components. This is something most bikers are faced with; getting the right gear that is durable and effective is a challenge. They are expensive, to begin with therefore be ready to spend if you want high performing heated gear. 

Cheap is expensive hence do not rush to purchase the product without research. To help with this we are going to talk about the various products in the market and their features. Here is a review of some of the 10 best gears you can opt for.  

Heated Motorcycle Jackets

There are various products that you can use for jackets. In some cases, you may head into the stores and get confused. This is because you do not know what to pick and what not to. To help you with this here are the things to look for in a heated jacket.

  • Battery:  This is an important feature that you have to look at. The battery life will determine how long you will stay warm.  Therefore check the battery life that the jacket has. For example, is the jacket has a 10-hour battery life that means it is at the lowest temperature setting.     
  • Comfort: It is another feature that you need to look into. The gear that you wear has to fit you correctly and do not assume. When out shopping make sure you try out the jacket to ascertain if it fits you before buying. Make sure the heating panels are not pressing against your body since this can be uncomfortable.
  • Insulation: When it comes to this most people assume that once the jacket is heated it can retain heat. Well, the sad truth is that insulation depends on the jacket’s material. Therefore enquire about the gear’s material. Consulting with friends who have used the products will guide you to the right gear. Insulation will determine how long the jacket retains the heat, thereby saving the battery.    
  • Location of heating elements: Never assume that once the jacket is heated you are good to go. The places where the heating elements are found play a big role in keeping you warm. Therefore check if the thermal heaters are in the hood, the front, and the back. They should also be located on the sleeves. Also, check if the heat plates are pressing against your body to ensure you are comfortable.     
  • Temperature settings: The jacket that you are to purchase has to have three dials or controls. These are high, medium and low buttons. They have to be functioning correctly to ensure you customize your warmth.  
  • Gender: Fashion is something you need to look into as well. I’m sure you want to be seen as trendy and fashionable. For this to be achieved there are jackets made for the ladies and others for gents. Hence pick the right color and taste that will make you look stylish. 

Heated jacket and vest products  

12v mens heated jacket


Dual Power Heated Jacket, Black

  • Price: $299.99
  • Size: xsmall to 3xlHeat: 4 Selectable Settings

Buy at:

The dual power heated jacket can be used in wet or windy conditions and still feel comfortable. The amazing thing about the heated jacket it can be powered by the motorcycles 12-volt battery. Apart from that the jacket also has its independent battery. 

This, in turn, means you will stay warm for hours. The product is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. For you to maximize the heat wear a heated liner underneath.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable


  • Expensive

MW d[ 12v heated vest


Dual Power Men’s & Women’s Black Heated Vest


  • Price: $269.99
  • Sizes: Small to 3 X-Large
  • Heat: 4 Selectable Settings

Buy at: for men

Buy at: for women

The product is available for both men and women. This particular brand is different from other vests since it is powered by the bikes 12-volt battery. On the other hand, you may decide to use the 12volt Lithium-ion battery to power up the vest.

The jacket’s material is very flexible and water-resistant which keeps you warm. The brand also has adjustable heat levels that regulate the temperature. For example, if you feel that the vest is becoming hot then lower the heat using a button to ensure you are comfortable. I also recommend you wear an inner liner under the vest to keep your arms warm.


  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Comfort and freedom to move



Volt Women’s Battery Insulated Heated Jacket



  • Price: $249.95
  • Size: Small to Xlarge

Buy at:

The jacket is powered by a 5V USB battery which keeps you ultra-warm. Most of the time when you’re out your phone can lose power and here is where the jacket comes in. You can use the USB battery to charge your phone and stay connected with your family or friends.

 The jacket can also use a power bank to provide you with the required heat. To keep it charged, however, it has to be a 2-amp output. If the temperatures are low and you want to keep warm then you can add a heated base layer.  


Gerbing Gyde Heated Men’s Ex Pro Jacket -12 Volt Jacket



  • Price:$479.99
  • Size: XS to Medium
  • Powered: By your Motorcycle Battery

Buy at:

The product has its electrical system that ensures you are warm depending on the weather. The brand has an added feature, which allows you to charge it using the battery of the bike

This means you won’t run out of power regardless of the distance. Additionally, the product has prewired hookups for your heated gloves and pants as well.

 Motorcycle Gloves

There are also various gloves in the market that you can select from.  However, you need something that will fit and not make your hands look big at the same time. Plus they have to be heated as well to protect you from the cold wind and winter weather.

 Here is a sample of some of the best gloves that will make you look stylish, warm and protected. The brand also comes in both genders and some unisex therefore you won’t have to worry about the look. 



Gerbing Gyde Heated Hero Glove-12V Motorcycle


The brand is available for both men and women.  


  • Price: $199.99
  • Heat: 3 Settings
  • Size: From Small- XXLarge

Buy at:

The product has three different temperature settings and there is also an instant heat feature add on it. The levels of heat are controlled using your smartphone which is Bluetooth connected. The app can be downloaded on the smartphone and then installed.  

The app gives you a status update about the battery and the heat levels. The product has a Thermogauge Bluetooth adapter attached to it. This particular device helps in retaining heat once the temperature has been set. 

The 12V glove can be connected right into the electrical system of the motorcycle, snowmobile, or even a boat. This particular feature gives you access to power that is unlimited. The heating panel covers the back of the hands and also the fingers tips to ensure you stay warm.


  • The product uses the latest tech which guarantees efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The glove is leather cover and uses AQUATEX breathable water-resistant membrane. Plus it has a high-impact TPU knuckle protection. 
  • There is heat retention due to the Bluetooth adapter which saves the battery  
  • The gloves have a touch screen compatible index finger. Therefore you can check for updates from the phone without removing the gloves. 



Battery Heated All-Purpose Gloves



  • Price: $199.00
  • Size: XSmall to XXLarge
  • Heat: 4 Settings
  • Led Light: Indicates power is on or off 

Buy at:

The heated glove is lightweight hence you won’t even notice you’re having them on. It has a small size lithium-ion battery which is concealed in the glove. 

This ensures the brand looks stylish and appealing. It has 3 temperatures setting which is designed on top of the glove making it look like a watch and also has heated liners to ensure heat retention and protection.


  • The product is comfortable and durable
  • It is an all-purpose glove which can be used in skiing, fishing, hiking, golfing among other sports  
  • The product is waterproof therefore you won’t have to worry about staying warm during the rainy seasons  
  • The battery lasts for a maximum of 8 hours before running out.



Titan 7v Battery Heated Leather Gloves for Men(Unisex) 



  • Price: $219.95
  • Size: Small to XXLarge
  • Heat: 4 Settings


Buy at:

The titan battery-powered heated gloves provide heat throughout the hand. The material used makes very soft and provides low voltage heat. These heated gloves also have a waterproof membrane for breathing. The product has room for you to wear liners underneath and still be comfortable.


  • It is made of premium leather which makes it durable
  • It is waterproof as well and the membrane allows your hand to be comfortable
  • The battery pocket is located in the middle of the glove for easier accessibility
  • The product has an adjustable leather wrist for comfort
  • They are easy to use compared to other product in the market  


  • The batteries last for 2 hours when in high usage, therefore, another set of batteries will be required.

Heated Socks

Heated socks are a must-have if you want to keep warm during your ride. The products can also be used in other door activities such as skiing or even fishing.  Some of the brands to look into when out shopping include.



Lenz Battery Heated Toe Cap 6.0 Merino Compression Socks



  • Price: $379.95
  • Sizing: Small to X-Large
  • Heat: Regulated by the power button, 3 settings
  • These are durable and comfortable socks which can be set to three different heat settings.

Buy at:

It has rechargeable lithium power packs that are located at the top cuff of socks. On the other hand, the product also has a heat regulator power button on the battery. 

The amazing thing about the sock is that you can control the power button using your smartphone. The brand is built for extreme cold conditions and the battery has a life span of 14 hours when used in lower temperatures.


  • The socks can be worn both with boots and shoes
  • It can be used when hiking or skiing as well
  • The product is extremely thin hence you won’t notice you have it on. 
  • The heated socks are machine washable and this has to be done at 30 ºC. 


  • The heated socks are expensive


Everyday Battery Heated Socks with Remote for Men and Women:


  • Price: $99.99
  • Size: Men 4-14 Women 6-11
  • Heat: 3 Settings

Buy at:

The battery heated socks are powered by a lithium battery that keeps your feet warm. The product also uses the latest tech. This includes the ultra-fine heating element which provides instant heat on command. 

You can use a remote to control the heat temperatures that you perceive to be fit for you. The battery can last for 11 hours tops and the socks are thin as well.


  • The product is cheap compared to other brands
  • The battery takes 4.5 hours to recharge  
  • It has a wireless controller which makes it easy to access
  • It is available in both male and female sizes



Lenz Battery Heated Toe Cap Socks for Men and Women:



  • Price: $314.95
  • Size: Small to X-Large
  • Heat: 3 Settings

Buy at:

Lenz battery heated toe socks are trending in the market because of the technology used to make them. The product is Bluetooth enabled to allow you to regulate the heat using your mobile device. 

The battery has also been modified to ensure it can function properly even under extreme temperatures. The power can last for 14 hours when used in lower settings. The heated socks are slim fit to enhance comfort and can be used even when skiing, fishing or hunting. 


  • The product has impulse control technology which helps to stimulate blood circulation
  • It can be worn with shoes or boots
  • The heat temperatures are controlled using an app on your smartphone

Heated Base Layers 

Heated Base Layer also comes in handy when out riding the bike especially during winter or long distances. You can wear the product underneath your regular jackets, shirts, pants, or gloves.

 The layer ensures you remain warm regardless of the weather and retain heat in the process. The layer can be powered by your motorcycle battery or a separate battery.



Warm & Safe Men’s & Women’s Heated Base Layer, Black



  • Price: $299.95
  • Size: Small to 3XL
  • Heat: 3 Settings

Buy at:  for men

Buy at: for women

The Warm & Safe heated base layer is powered by a 7.4 Volt battery. You can adjust the 12-volt batteries heat from 3% to 100% power to ensure you stay warm. The product is waterproof and has heat panels in the right places. I would recommend you have the layer on just in case the jackets and gloves fail.  



It is important that you have the right protective gear when riding your bike. This ensures you are safe and protected. Thanks to technology there is heated gear which not only protects you from an accident but also keeps you warm. 

This is something that is a must-have when riding your bike especially during cold seasons or long-distance riding. The heated gear keeps you warm; it will be like being in a car with the heater on. This article has talked about some of the most amazing heated gear the will make your ride an experience. Therefore visit the links provided and make an order.   

  1. This article about heated motorcycle riding gear for men and women is really helpful. As a woman who gets cold easily, a heated jacket and gloves would make a huge difference in my riding comfort. I love all of the suggestions that you provided. Especially that some of the heated motorcycle riding gear has bluetooth technology.

  2. I never realised you can get heated jackets! I have a heated throw which is amazing, but love the sound of those jackets. I also love the idea of heated gloves. My hands get cold sometimes when I’m out walking so I’ll look into them.

    • Yes, heated jackets and gloves will certainly help keep you war in the winter. They also help in the cool morning weather during early spring and fall too.

  3. Yes, Bob, I do like to ride a motorcycle during winters and that’s why I understand it very well how important these accessories are. I absolutely love the items on your list but Gerbing Gyde Heated Hero Glove is my favorite from your recommendation, it is something that I badly need right now(it is winter season here in my country right now) so I have reached your post at the right time.

    • Hi Hari,

      The Gerbing heated product line is great for motorcycle riders as it plugs into your motorcycles battery for charging, thus keeping the battery charged throughout your ride. That includes the heated gloves you like as they can be charged by the battery as well. Thanks for the comment. All the best, Bob

  4. What a wonderful guide you’ve made. You’ve made it much easier on deciding what protective gear to invest in. Do you know the life-expentancy of the rechargable batteries? Can they be replaced with new ones?

    • Hi Jonas,

      The life expectancy of batteries is contingent upon many factors. Among them is how often the product is used, the amount of heat that is applied ( high, medium, & low settings ), and how rough the product is treated. All batteries have a life cycle and all will eventually have to be replaced. Most batteries can be bought and replaced. There are a few that are built into the product & cannot be replaced. These particular products have a finite life cycle. The manufacturer should give you a good idea on how long the product will last. If not on their sales page then ask them in a question.

      Thanks for reading my blog post & for your questions.

      All the best,


  5. HAving heated gear for riders is a must, Especially when riding in cold weather. One of the hardest things for me was dealing with the cold weather that comes with riding. I will have to get one of these jackets to help out with that issue! Thanks for sharing!

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