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Winter, for many of us, means getting the best jacket money can buy to stay warm. This article gives you information on heated jackets review: men & women.  But even the most efficient of jackets are not often good enough to fight the cold. And if you are someone who goes outside a lot for work or recreational purpose, casual winter clothing might not save you from the freezing weather. Fortunately, you can now purchase heated jackets. These are basically battery-powered jackets to keep your upper body warm and protected all through the day.

Heated jackets look and fit like your regular jackets. Except that heated jackets have internal heating panels that run on a rechargeable battery. These heating elements or panels send warmth to the major parts of your torso and keeps the rest of your body warm. Even some brands come heated pockets for your hands. 

I have searched the internet for some of the most popular heated jackets out there based on jacket features and customer reviews. Here a few I have found.


1. Ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack

Rating: 4.3 stars

Ororo is essentially a heated wear brand with a wide range of heated jackets. However, the Ororo Soft Shell design takes the cake for me for its durability.

One interesting thing about this softshell design is that you can wear it in a recreational or workplace setting.

With three carbon fiber heating panels placed in vital upper body areas (mid-back, left & right chest), the jacket is well designed. To effectively trap generated heat, the material is completely polyester and fitted with fleece linings.  

Clicking a button, you can choose from three heating settings: high, medium, and low.

For more safety on windy and wet days, Ororo SoftShell jacket has a large removable hood.

It is also wind- and water-resistance, machine-washable, and good for the outdoors.

The 7.4V battery can last up to ten hours. And it can be charged with a USB charger. Designed with a USB port, you can charge mobile devices.

The jacket comes in two colors: black and blue.


  • The long battery life is really a plus. Of course, nothing beats ten hours of warmth.
  • The USB charge option also comes in handy for a quick charge.
  • A removable hood protects your head from the cold.


  • One major issue with the Ororo SoftShell is inaccurate sizing. If you are large-sized, you might need to order an extra-large.
  • Not compatible with other battery models


2. Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack  and Detachable Hood

Rating: 4.2

Style was taken into consideration in the making of Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket. Specially designed for women, the heated jack is slim-fitted as well as practical.

It comes with a polyester outer layer and fleece lining to protect your upper body from cold and keep body heat trapped. It also comes with a detachable hood and three carbon fiber panels located in core body areas.

The jacket’s incredibly slim-fitted design eliminates the need for unnecessary bulk while winter hiking or fishing. Water- and wind-resistant, its full battery can give you about 10 hours of warmth.

This lightweight jacket gives complete mobility with every activity you are undertaking. And it can even be worn casually to social events.


  • Slim-fitted and stylish
  • Versatile and social for outdoor activities like hiking and hunting
  • Machine-washable.


  • Sizing is not consistent if you are ordering from across the pond. If you are large-sized, you should go for extra-large.
  • Few pockets.


3.  Bosch Men’s 12 Volt Heated Jacket Kit

Rating: 3.7 stars

Power tools and household appliances come to mind when you hear the company name “Bosch.”

Now Bosch has ventured into the heated jacket business and is now selling some heavy-duty designs as expected of an appliance company.

Bosch Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket looks similar to Ororo Soft Shell, but this heated jacket is durable and tougher.
Its zips and seams already spell durability. Though the material is 100% matte black polyester, it feels tougher than Ororo Soft Shell. This heated jacket is specially made for working as it is quite rain- and wind-resistant. It is fairly lightweight and comes with five large pockets in convenient positions.

I also like that you can adjust the cuffs with Velcro closures and the waist with a drawstring. This gives the heated jacket a fitted and customizable feel.

The color-coded heat settings (low-blue, medium-green, high-red) work with a click of the button and powers the three major heat zones (right chest, left chest, and back) in the upper body. Warming up in a matter of seconds.

The battery runtime is about 6 hours. It comes with a USB port to charge your mobile devices.


  • Durability (while lightweight) is the major selling point of this jacket.


  • The battery runtime is quite poor compared to other heated jackets available. Running for six hours, and that is at a low setting. So you would have to purchase more batteries.
  • Not quite machine-washable. It’s recommended you hand-wash and line-dry.
  • European sizing can be confusing if you’re American or Canadian.


4. Milwaukee Heated Jacket Kit

Rating: 4.3

One major thing that sets Milwaukee Heated Jacket Kit apart from the rest is the exterior material: the stretch polyester (tough outer layer) is more durable than other materials and resistant to water and wind.

The fabric is highly insulated and keeps heat from escaping. So you will feel warm in harsh winter conditions.

My favorite feature of this heated jacket is the mobility supports which give the jacket more flexibility and comfort.

And asides the traditional three heating panels seen in many heated jackets, it has two heated pockets. These heated pockets are vital because you can keep your hand toasty in chilly weather.

The rechargeable battery’s runtime is about eight hours, which is a fairly reasonable runtime.

A neat factor about this jacket is its LED controller which lets you adjust the heat and pick which areas to warm.

I also like the wide range of color designs (black, camo, red, and grey) you can choose from.


  • Heated pockets make this jacket special.
  • The material is quite long-lasting and durable.


  • No cons on this jacket so far.


5. Venture Soft Shell Heated Jacket

The Venture Softshell Heated Jacket is a lot like the Milwaukee Heated Jacket Kit but slightly cheaper and less durable. Also equipped with fleece lining and three heating panels that generate heat to the torso, you can expect 12 hours of run time at a low setting. 

On the other hand, the wind- and water-resistant material comes with a loop for easy hanging and five pockets (zippered).


  • You can use the removable battery as a power bank.
  • Its fleece lining gives you enhanced comfort.


  • The material is not tough enough for harsh winter conditions.


6. Dewalt DCHJO6OA Heated Soft Shell Jacket Kit

Rating: 3.3

The DEWALT DCHJ060ABD1-2X Heated Soft Shell Jacket is an impressively durable jacket.

DEWALT is a power tool company so it’s not surprising to expect toughness in their heated jacket.

The selling point of this jacket is its tough woven outer material. The inner warm fleece lining keeps the body warm even when the heating panels are turned off. 

Asides the traditional three heating panels found in the back and front of most heated jackets, this jacket comes with two more heating panels located in the upper arms. The heat is controlled with a button inside the jacket.

The jacket has four pockets and one pocket designed to carry around the 20-volt MAX battery. At a low setting, the battery’s runtime is 9 hours and comes with a charger and adapter. You can swap the battery with batteries on Dewalt tools.


  • Durable and heavy-duty.
  • You can interchange batteries with any Dewalt battery.


  • The major online complaint about this jacket is that the battery drains fast—not living up to the advertised runtime.


7. Milwaukee Performance-Men’s Heated Hoodie

Rating: 3.1

The Milwaukee Performance-Men’s Heated Hoodie is not a heated jacket but a heated hoodie. It is made for comfort and recreation, and suitable for motorcycling or jogging in mildly cold weather.

Although the hoodie has only two heating zones, it works with the same heated clothing technology. Heat is generated from a rechargeable battery. This battery can be charged with your bike.

Made with thick internal lining, an integrated hood, a waistband, and knitted cuffs, heat is effectively kept inside the hoodie. 

The hoodie is of high quality; however, it is not recommended for tough working activities or harsh weather as it is not water-resistant. 


  • It is comfortable and lightweight.
  • You can charge your battery while on your bike.


  • The battery runtime of this hoodie is not specified.
  • Not water-resistant. 


8. Milwaukee Performance Women’s Heated Hoodie

Rating: 3.0 

The Milwaukee Performance Women’s Zipper Front Heated Hoodie is your perfect casual wear: flexible, soft and feminine. Its knit cotton shell design comes with a thermal liner, three heating zones, and a battery runtime of about 8 hours. The thermal liner is surprisingly warm and soft.

Available in gray and black, it comes in nine sizes for women.

Not like the baggy unisex hoodie on the market, the flex waistband and cuffs are well made.

The cotton hoodie is obviously not resistant to water. But on dry days, this lightweight, fitted hoodie is easier to wear than heavy waterproof jackets. Of course, you can wear this hoodie under your heavy jacket during harsh weather conditions.


  • Made for women
  • Comfortable, light and easy to wear
  • Relatively affordable


  • Not water-resistant
  • Limited control with a simple off/on switch. You cannot adjust heat to your preference when you are feeling too cool or too warm.  


9. ProSmart Men’s Heated Jacket

Rating 3.9

Prosmart Men’s Heated Jacket is a hoodless jacket, suitable for fall or spring weather.

It is a slightly cheaper option and works well if you are looking to experiment on your first heated jacket.

Available in five sizes to pick from, this lightweight, polyester jacket works better in fall or spring. For freezing weather, you would need a heavier and thicker jacket. 

On the plus side, it is affordable, well-designed jacket and machine-washable.

The jacket comes with the traditional front and back heated zones as well as three heating levels, and an ultra-thin 12V battery. It also includes a wall charger

One solid asset of this jacket is the battery runtime. On a low setting, you can get about 12 hours of runtime. Heat-up time is quick too. 


  • The battery runtime is very impressive.
  • The very thin battery reduces the jacket’s bulk.
  • It is also relatively affordable. 
  • It comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty


  • While the material is 100% polyester, it is not as durable as more expensive jackets.
  • Not warm enough for harsh wintery weather.


10. Colcham Heated Men/Women Sweatshirt


Rating: 4.5

This unisex COLCHAM electric sweatshirt is a break from the mold.

Designed explicitly for comfort and warmth, heat is evenly-distributed within the sweatshirt.

While it runs on a rechargeable battery, the sweatshirt is quite portable to carry inside your backpack.


  • It is incredibly lightweight and fits the body
  • Impressive battery runtime of 10 hours


  • The jacket does not hold heat for long.

11. Conqueco Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Rating 4.0 

This CONQUECO is quite stylish, comfortable and evenly distributes heat around your body.

Its softshell fabric makes it good for outdoor activities, and the jacket is lightweight for nice movement.

Waterproof and breathable, it is machine washable. 


  • It is machine-washable
  • Quite durable


  • Sizes are smaller than advertised.

12. Global Vasion Heated Vest Jacket for Men & Women

Rating: 3.9

GLOBAL VASION heated jacket is made with a water-resistant fabric, fleece lining (plus a velvet inner-layer) and a detachable hood for proper warmth.

The rechargeable battery has a runtime of 10 hours and also capable of charging your mobile devices.

Like other heated jackets, it has three heat settings you can adjust to your preference.

The removable hood lets you lower the bulk and improve portability. And with zippered pockets (six) in this jacket, you have enough space to carry your personal items.


  • The detachable hood improves the portability.
  • Zippered pockets mean more space for your belongings.


  • Zipper getting stuck on the fabric.


13. Venture Heat Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Rating: 4.4

Venture Heated Jacket is fantastic for its durability and performance. With three flexible heating panels, heat distribution is quite good. 

This hoodless jacket comes with zippered pockets and a stylish design.


  • Gives you stylish comfort with its slim fit


  • Sizes feel larger than expected.

14. Dewalt DCHJO74D1-L Real Tree Camouflage Heated Hoodie

Rating: 3.5

This DeWalt Camo Heated Jacket is special for obvious reasons. Its Camo cotton/polyester shell gives that hunting feel.

It has three heating zones with a battery pocket that accepts a 20-volt lithium battery that improves heat up to 25%.


  • Battery power & heat are increased with a 20-volt battery
  • Camo makes it great for hunters.


  • Battery disconnected if the rear pocket connector is not connected with front pocket

15. Smarkey Cordless Women’s Heated Jacket

Rating: 4.3

Specially crafted for women, this jacket is a blend of comfort and style. With an outer shell made from 100% polyester, it is windproof, water-resistant and machine-safe. 

Despite the feminine design, I admire the durability of the material.

This jacket comes with three heat areas: one located across the back and two located on either side of the waist. This is a major deviation from most heated jackets as the heating panels are located in the chest area.

Designed with three color-coded heat settings, the warming elements are impressive in heating up quickly.

Its battery runtime of six hours may feel like a bit of a letdown, but the tough outer shell makes it perfect for harsh weather and tough environments. 


  • Warms up in a matter of seconds.
  • Durable material.


  • The heating doesn’t last when put on the highest setting.
  • Sizes are a little larger than expected.

16. Makita Cordless Heated Jacket

Rating: 3.5

The Makita Cordless Heated Jacket is a heavy-duty jacket that comes with removable sleeves. You can easily unzip the sleeves and use it as a vest. Available in six sizes, it is wind- and water-resistant.

The outer shell is rugged: a blend of spandex and polyester. The smooth fleece-lined collar enhances comfort and its knitted storm cuffs and drawstring waist keep body heat trapped in. 

The battery runtime is great too. With more than 14 hours of runtime, you can enjoy good warmth from sunup to sundown while working a long shift or hunting in snowy weather.

This sleek jacket includes an external LED controller (with three heat settings to adjust to altering weather conditions) and a USB port to charge your smartphone. 

You keep your mobile devices and other items in the heated jacket’s four pockets.


  • Removable zip-off sleeves
  • Versatile design and durable 
  • Amazing battery life
  • A whooping manufacturer’s warranty of three years


  • Charger and battery are not included: you would have to buy them.
  • Quite a bit more expensive than many heated jackets on the market.


My favorites 

With a battery runtime of 12 hours and durable outer shells, Bosch Men’s Softshell Heated Jacket and Ororo Men’s Softshell Heated Jacket are my top picks for very cold weather. 

For less chilly weather, Milwaukee Performance heated hoodies feel ideal.

  1. Hey there, it’s a fantastic idea, and i would be trillled to have one of these, but I have some question. how does it help us in a scenario?

    • Here’s a couple of scenarios for you.

      1. You work for a living outside and you sweat. With a regular jacket, sweat cools you even in the cold. With a heated jacket you stay warm, as the jacket heats you even when you are sweating.

      2. You ride a motorcycle in the cold. It gets colder the longer you ride your motorcycle as the wind cuts through your jacket. With a heated jacket the continuous heat helps you remain warm. Now, having said that, I would suggest you buy a true heated motorcycle jacket that plugs directly into your motorcycle and is charged by the motorcycles battery thus your jacket will not loose heat as your battery will not be drained. You may also want to consider heated gloves and heated socks to ensure your warmth. These 2 items can also be plugged into the jacket and be charged by the motorcycles battery.

      I’ll be posting an article on motorcycle riding gear shortly and should have it up today. If you ride a motorcycle check out this article.

  2. Wow Bob. I never knew about these and I’m always suffering when I’m digging out the snow in my driveway. I’m thinking either the Bosch or the Milwaukee Men’s jacket which has the heated pockets.

  3. Bob, this is a great review of these products. Heated jackets have come a long way and they look so much better now. I’m really impressed with the ladies one, #2 on your list. Its machine washable too. My husband is a hiker and I can see that these could be very nice during the winter months on hikes, especially the ones that are rain resistant. The pricing seems to be fairly reasonable on most also. Thanks for this good review of heated jackets. -Shirley

    • Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for commenting and reading my post.

      You’re right, heated jackets have come a long way in both technologies & their appearance. I believe heated clothes will continue to improve as more people find out about them and continue to need better clothing to keep warm.

      Take care,


  4. wow, i have just visited your website and it helped me a lot, i was confused and looking for more information about this jacket, your article answered all my question, i can tell you have put a lot of work into it. thank you and keep up the good work

  5. That’s so cool! I never heard about battery powered heating jackets. It must be very nice to wear such a jacket and it is surely very useful in countries with cold harsh winters.
    I also like how you reviewed in such detail every jacket you found.
    Best regards,

  6. Being someone who lives in a tropical region, I’ve never heard of heated jackets before. It’s amazing that winter jackets can be powered by batteries to provide warmth in extreme climate. This is important for people that work outdoors in the cold. On the average, how long does it take to charge these jackets, and are there any jackets with fast charging? Also, is it possible to get replaceable batteries to charge at home while using the jacket and then replace when the battery runs out?

    • On average, a battery for a heated jacket can be charged within 7 hours with a few being fully charged within 90 minutes. In a low setting most will provide you with heat for up to 10-12 hours. Raven brand of jackets is a fast-charging brand that charges in 90 minutes. You can also buy extra and replacement batteries which will allow you to switch out the batteries when the charge goes dry. Thanks for the comment and for your 3 questions. Let me know if you any other questions or if I can help you with information on other heated accessories. Take care. Bob

  7. I’ve heard of heated car seats before but this is some next level stuff! I had no idea that heated jackets existed! This is brilliant! Are there any regulation against these to wear on flights? Any risk of overheating and catching fire? I’m definitely going to take a closer look into these. Thanks for sharing

    • I know of no airline regulations where you can’t wear a heated jacket on an airline flight nor have I ever heard of an airline stopping someone from boarding the airplane due to wearing a heated jacket. If you have concerns about wearing a heated jacket on the airline you are boarding, then please check with the officials of that airline. There were some incidents of heated jackets overheating and catching fire during the early part of the 2010 decade. The manufacturers recalled the faulty jackets and have improved the technology. As with most new products the technology continues to get better, with fewer problems, as the product is accepted into the market place and the new technology is tested and refined. Thanks for the comment and let me know if you have any other questions. All the best, Bob

  8. Hi Bob

    Interesting post about heated jackets for winter. I would like to know about the lifespan of the battery. How long does it last? Can you find a replacement anywhere when the battery runs out. Is it obvious on the jacket that a battery is incorporated, especially when it’s skin fitting?

    • Hi Maggie,

      Batteries can last 10-12 hours on a full charge at the lowest temperature setting. At the highest setting most will last about 3-4 hours. You can buy replacement batteries and if you need heat for longer periods of time, having an extra set of batteries will be good for continuous heat, until you can get your batteries recharged. When you buy your jacket battery make sure it is compatible with the brand of jacket you have as battery packs for jackets come in different sizes from 5.4v to 12v for most jackets. Batteries can be bought at local stores like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and some local clothing stores as well as online. Call the store and see if they carry the brand you need. Technology has gotten better so for many jackets the battery and the wire attachments are not seen. Thanks for the comment & your questions, Maggie. Let me know if you have other questions. Take care, Bob

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