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Are you tired of continually buying small size hand sanitizer for your household or business? Then it’s about time you learn about the Gallon size Hand sanitizer. These sanitizers are economical and effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19. 

Unlike the small-sized hand sanitizers, which are valid for personal use, gallon-sized hand sanitizer is useful for community use. This means you can refill your communal sanitizer dispenser or sprayer easily whenever it’s exhausted without having to rush and buy a new one regularly. 

However, like any other small-sized sanitizer, they are also in high demand, especially by organizations, business facilities, public places, and hospitals. For this reason, the need has provided an open market where some product quality is questionable.

Gallon size hand sanitizer

Therefore, it’s essential to use the guidelines provided by health authorities like CDC and WHO on the standards that each sanitizer should have. 

According to the CDC, you should confirm the concentration of the sanitizers’ active ingredients before use. Through this, you will be confident about whether it’s an effective sanitizer.

Thus, ensure any sanitizer you get has either benzalkonium chloride or alcohol. But that’s not all, what eliminates germs including COVID-19 from your hands and other surfaces are the precise concentration of these active ingredients. Therefore the active ingredients must have a level of:

  • Alcohol (isopropanol, ethanol) with a concentration range of 60% to 95%
  • Benzalkonium chloride with a concentration range of 0.1% to 0.3%

NOTE: The above concentrations are according to CDC recommendations.

Tips for choosing Gallon Size Hand Sanitizer


  • Brand

Crown Sanitizers


While there is a countless number of sanitizers to choose from, you must consider the brand you want. Some brands deliver products that are not effective in eliminating these viruses from your hand. However, due to the presence of many brands in the market, coming up with a few that are effective is quite challenging.

 It’s for this reason that you should check out what Crown Sanitizer has to offer. These sanitizers have been appropriately researched and tested to confirm the efficacy when using.

Other best options that you can also check out include my article on the best alcohol-based hand sanitizer or if you prefer or need an alcohol free hand sanitizer check out this article.

  • Ingredients

As mentioned above, the first thing to check out in the ingredient list is the active ingredient. Does it meet the actual requirement? It’s through the components that you can also tell if a product is valid or not.

  • Budget

If you want to save some extra buck for other items, then Gallon-sized hand sanitizers are the best option. They may seem expensive at first, but if you consider the size and how much you would spend on the same product when buying smaller packages, it’s worth your investment. 

  • Environment

If you are leaving or working in an environment where time to wash hands or water itself is limited, consider hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are applicable everywhere, whether it’s in public transport or perhaps during a business meeting. However, ensure your hands are clean before you use it.

Types of Gallon size Hand Sanitizers


  • Instant Hand sanitizers


If you are living in an area with a limited amount of water, then consider instant sanitizers. With these sanitizers, you only have to apply once, and you rub it in your hands for the effective elimination of germs. 

Further, they are the best option to carry around while traveling whether you are going to a café in town or perhaps long-distance traveling. Its simplicity in use has made it popular than wash sanitizers and the use of soap.

Under this category, there are several subtypes of hand sanitizers. They include 

  • Alcohol-based 

Alcohol-based sanitizers are the most recommended for the ongoing campaign against the spread of Coronavirus. However, you should ensure the concentration lies within 60% and 95% alcohol for full elimination of the germs, including COVID-19. 

However, alcohol is associated with irritation, especially on individuals with sensitive skin. But thanks to non-alcohol alternatives, they can also protect themselves and curb the spread of this disease.

  • Non-alcohol hand sanitizers

Non-alcohol sanitizers are also useful and effective in fighting  COVID-19. The active ingredient in these types of sanitizers is benzalkonium chloride. You can get the gallon size for them here. Therefore, you can use either non-alcohol hand sanitizers or alcohol-based hand sanitizers if you need them.

But to those with sensitive skin, opt for non-alcohol hand sanitizers. However, it has been reported that sanitizers with alcohol derived from plants like sugarcane have little or no irritation on human skin. This can be a better alternative to individuals with sensitive skin. 


  • Washing Hand sanitizers


This kind of sanitizer works the same way as soap.  

You are supposed to squeeze the proper amount on your palm and rub it around for 20 seconds under clean and running water. 


Why Gallon Size Hand Sanitizers

  • Economical

If you compare Gallon size hand sanitizer to reliance on the small-sized bottle sanitizers, it’s more economical. With this sanitizer, you don’t have to waste your time and resources purchasing the little-sized bottle sanitizers frequently as they get exhausted faster. Therefore, make a single investment and save time and money. 

What’s more, you don’t have to waste your time and risk contracting the disease if you opt to buy it online. You can buy the gallon alcohol-based hand sanitizer here and purchase the alcohol-free gallon size hand sanitizer here with either or both delivered to your home.

  • Communal

The gallon-sized hand sanitizers are handy in public use; therefore, it’s the best option, especially in busy places like the store, company, or even public buildings. Get yourself plenty of Gallon Size Hand sanitizer and protect your family, colleagues, or business against this pandemic. 

  • Convenience

Are you tired of making small purchases of hand sanitizers, which are very expensive? Then it’s about time you migrate to Gallon size hand sanitizers, which are cheaper as compared to the same quantity in small purchases. Also, it saves your time and resources in the purchase of small size sanitizers. Therefore, it’s about time you get gallon size hand sanitizers and experience the convenience. 

Tips on how to use hand sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer application infographic

Hand sanitizer application infographic vector. How to use anti-bacterial spray. Personal hygiene dispenser, infection control symbol against colds, flu, coronavirus. Antivirus protection step by step.

CDC recommends hand hygiene through regular hand wash by the use of soap and clean water. However, there are circumstances when water is a luxury to the community, and hand sanitizers are the best option to keep your hands clean. 

Further, in the urban setting where there are crowds of people, hand hygiene through washing may become a challenge. You can carry their portable hand sanitizers for hand disinfection whenever they shake hands during business deals or after touching surfaces in the public place. 

But how can you use the hand sanitizer effectively? I am sure you’ve heard of tips for washing your hands using water and soap. In this case, let’s learn how to use a hand sanitizer effectively.

  • Before using a hand sanitizer, ensure your hands are clean and free of dirt and greasy residues. This is in the case of using gel, foam or spray hand sanitizer. With the wastes on your hands, the sanitizer will not be as effective in germ elimination as it’s supposed to be. 
  • After that, put the proper amount of the sanitizer on your palm. Then, use both hands and rub the product all over your hands’ surface, including between the fingers. Do this until the product dries up.
  • Lastly, for those with curiosity, don’t dare taste this product. It’s very poisonous when swallowed, so let’s disinfect our hands, not our mouth. 


1. How effective is the use of hand sanitizers in control of COVID-19 spread?

Sanitize Hands

outline sanitize vector icon. isolated black simple line element illustration from cleaning concept.

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, sanitizers, and related protective items, prices went up drastically due to growing demand. For instance, in the USA alone, the sales of sanitizers rose over 80%. 

According to the CDC and related organizations like WHO, sanitizers help curb the spread of this disease through touch and surface contaminations. And it’s for this reason why the demand and price of these products are very high. Nonetheless, we still need them to ensure we’ve protected ourselves and the people around us. 

According to studies, a person touches their face about 23 times in an hour. Therefore, there is a high chance of contracting this virus by merely touching your face with a contaminated hand. Consequently, you must maintain hand hygiene through washing or hand sanitizers, which are convenient. 

2. Are sanitizers safe for children to use?


Mother washes hands of her son in a cafe

Yes, they are a practical option, especially when water is not within reach. However, due to clumsiness among children, you have to make sure they are using it correctly whenever you give them some. The child may try to taste the sanitizer, and as you know, it’s poisonous when consumed. 

When a kid takes a couple of squirts, the alcohol levels in the sanitizers, together with other ingredients, may trigger poisoning. A symptom from this includes vomiting, slow breathing, confusion, diarrhea, and high body temperature. It’s therefore essential to keep this product away from children and be watchful when using it. 

Final Remarks

Are you wondering where to get the best Gallon Size Hand Sanitizer and be at the forefront in preventing the spread of this virus? Click here and get the best offers from Crown Sanitizer or here for the alcohol-free hand sanitizers from GermBloc.

If you also want some small-sized portable hand sanitizers, Klean Hand Sanitizers and Germbloc have the best options. 

So, don’t just sit there and watch the spread of this pandemic as the world declares the number of cases in thousands. Take part in the campaign and fight against the spread of this virus with a Gallon size Hand sanitizer. 

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