Evac Kit

Evac kit

When a hurricane is on the way and will reach your city in a matter of days, you’ll find people panicking to get the supplies they believe are needed for their family. That’s when you find out you may be too late to purchase the items you need. So, do you need a hurricane survival kit, the best question is what will you do if you need the products and they’re no longer available to you.

Here are the questions you need to answer.

What do you need if you can’t stay at home?

The recommendation for water is 1 gallon per person. You should have 3 days worth of water. If you have 4 members in your family, you’ll have 12 gallons of water to carry with you.

You’ll need at least 1 change of clothes per person.

You may need blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows.

You probably would want rain gear.

A portable cooler and chest.

The list could get very long, depending on where you are going to stay.

If you’re going to stay with a family member or a friend they may have everything you need.

If it’s at a hotel or a shelter, all the supplies you need may already be gone.

You need to think about what you and your family needs are, then pare down the list to the bare essentials.

What to do once you pare down the list?

Now you’ve got your essential product list cut down to what you consider the bare essentials.

It’s probably too much if you have a lot of driving to do before you reach your destination.

Remember, you’ll be in the car with your family and everybody will be somewhat apprehensive due to the weather. Crowded cars are uncomfortable.

To help you decide what you must have, check the hurricane survival kits that are online for sale.

They’ll give you a good amount of information and what products they have in their emergency kit.

Decide what you’ll buy for a hurricane emergency

You can buy it at your local stores or go online to buy the essential products you need.

If you liked one of the hurricane survival kit and products you saw online, consider buying it there, as you know you will have the products you need.

Remember, you need a minimum of 3 days. You might be better off with 7 days, depending on when you can get back home,

Decide how much you need to spend and make sure you purchase the product.

Where will you keep your products?


Emergency kit in car

Will you keep the products in your car or in the house?

Keep the emergency kits in the car as this is where they need to be if you have to leave your house due to the hurricane.

If the hurricane survival kit is not left in the car, you may leave it.

If you have the money consider purchasing 2 kits. That way you’ve covered both ways, kind of like having insurance.

Hurricane season is from June 1-November 30 with the peak of the season in mid-August to late October.

Get prepared now so you won’t be panicking when everybody is buying out the stores and you can’t get what you need.

Take action now, before you can’t purchase what you need!

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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