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It’s never too late to safeguard yourself from this pandemic. All you have to do is buy a Coronavirus mask online. This will not only protect you but also people around you. Furthermore, you will be contributing to the ongoing global fight against the spread of Coronavirus. 

By purchasing this mask online, you will be avoiding cash exchange that promotes the spread of this virus. Also, you will avoid close contact with the public when you are in the store, along with other clients who are there to purchase personal protective items. 

According to the CDC, everyone needs to wear face masks while in public to control the spread of COVID-19. And this is because of how this virus spreads from one person to another. When a person who is positive sneezes or coughs, they discharge tiny respiratory droplets that are loaded with this virus. 

When you inhale these droplets, or it accidentally gets in your mouth or eyes, you will also become positive. Thus, facial masks are essential when it comes to preventing the spread of this virus. 

But, keep in mind that not every mask is effective in preventing the spread of this virus even though it gives you a fighting chance.

What you need are N95 rated masks. These masks guarantee 95% filtration of any particle in the air. Thus, with this kind of covers, the odds of not contracting this virus are raised. 

Coronavirus Mask Guide

29970384-senior-adult-woman-in-medical-face-mask-walking-down aisle

Senior Adult Woman In Medical Face Mask Walking Down Empty Aisle of Grocery Store.

With the rising demands of personal protective types of equipment, it’s correct to state that there are brands out there that are focusing on profits. In such a case, you will be misled into buying a product that promises a great deal of protection but only delivers little. 

The following guide is precisely what you need to get what you need. It covers 


  • N95 rating

N95 rating means the mask filters ninety-five percent of particles in the air. With this rating, you have a better chance of not contracting this disease. You can opt for either surgical masks or respiratory masks with assurance when it comes to quality and brand. If you are unsure of where to get an authentic cover, click here and have it delivered to you at your convenience. 

  • Adjustability

N95 -Mask-with-adjustable-staps

Make America Safe Again by wearing a N95 face mask with adjustable straps

Whether its DIY or online purchased, ensure the mask comes with adjustable bands or straps. They will enable you to wear the masks ideally around your mouth and nose. Loosely worn covers or those without adjustments expose you to the risk of contracting this virus. Therefore stay safe with adjustable masks. Lastly, concerning adjustability, ensure there is no gap left when putting on the cover. 


  • Easy sanitization


If it’s a renewable mask, there are two factors to consider. Ensure it can be sanitized through washing, or the use of non-wash alcohol-based sanitizer can sanitize it. In this case, avoid masks with fabric glue as they can be damaged during washing. 

Also, you should not opt for those with delicate materials like those of non-renewable masks. Lastly, avoid sequined costumes. This can harbor the viral particles and infect you through contact. 


  • Fashionable cover


If you love a bit of styling in everything that you do, then there is a high chance you are using fashionable covers. It’s not a bad idea to use these styling accessories. A bit of humor and fun in times like this is what everyone needs. However, ensure you also sanitized it. Since they are exposed, they can also harbor the virus the same way as the mask. 


  • Water resistance


The mask can only be renewable if it’s resistant to water damage. This is a crucial factor, especially for those who need this type of cover. In most cases, you will realize non-renewable masks come with materials that are not resistant to water and will always get damaged once they contact water. 


  • At least two layers


If you prefer woven masks, then ensure they have at least two layers. Furthermore, they should be made from cotton fabrics that guarantee the integrity of the filtering pores. You can obtain cloth masks here where they sell 5 masks prepackaged at a time. They do this so that you can use the mask in between washings. Unfortunately,  they don’t accept orders for 1 mask at this time.

Why you should wear face masks

Before this pandemic, wearing the face covers would have made you look unusual in public. But with the onset of this pandemic, these masks have become a message or metaphor for viral particles that are lurking around waiting for a victim to become a new host. 

Some users have opted for the scarf as an alternative, folded t-shirts, or even colorful varieties from the market or DIY with the hope of protecting themselves from this invisible enemy. If you are lucky enough, you will land on N95 masks or respirators. 

A couple of months ago, these masks were abundant and only would be identified with doctors, they are now scarce and nowhere to be found easily. It’s a mark that we are living in an unusual and strange era. 

However strange it may seem, these masks have turned out to be useful, especially to the nations that encouraged their citizens to wear them while in public.  CDC also urges everyone to wear these masks while in public, especially in the USA. And this is because of how COVID-19 spreads. Since it’s a respiratory disease, it’s majorly transferred from one person to another through respiratory droplets. Thus, by wearing these protective masks, you prevent the chance of inhaling or swallowing respiratory droplets when a person who is positive coughs or sneezes close to you in public. 

There is a scarcity of N95 rated masks. Many people opt for fabric masks, so you still have an opportunity to safeguard yourself and the people close to you.

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Let’s take a look at the best options at your disposal:


Disposable surgical masks

Disposable surgical masks are the same as those used by nurses and doctors taking care of people. They come with an N95 rating and effective in preventing the spread of this virus. They can filter up to ninety-five percent of particles found in the air. 

Thus, these masks are effective in the public as well as in the health unit or at home while taking care of patients who are positive with the COVID-19 virus. However, this type of mask is disposable and can only be used once. 

Also, to ensure you are fully protected, you must not leave any gap on the sides that can allow air from outside to be inhaled without getting filtered. But if you prefer the non-disposable types that can be used over and over as long as you sanitize them after every use, you can opt for respiratory N95 masks or Fabric masks. 

Respiratory Masks

Respiratory masks tightly fit around your face covering both your mouth and nose entirely. When getting these masks, ensure they are N95 rated for practical use in preventing the spread of this virus. As mentioned earlier, N95 means it guarantees a 95% chance of protecting you from contracting this virus. 

People mostly use this type of masks in protecting themselves against this pandemic. Some will come with a single breathing portal, while others have double. Furthermore, you will find some with advanced features that will make the user experience more fascinating. In some cases, you can replace the filter with new ones to guarantee your safety in case you’ve been using the masks for quite sometimes. 

Generally, these products are made with a hard plastic casing that guarantees durability. Some have rubber as their lining for comfort when putting on. Therefore, don’t let the stock run out, click here, and protect yourself with an N95 respiratory of your choice. 

Fabric masks

I am sure you’ve encountered fabric masks one way or another. Diverse designs and color patterns often characterize them. For those who love a bit of style as they protect themselves against this virus, this type of masks should top their list. 

With the onset of this pandemic and scarcity of masks for protection, this has fueled creativity when it comes to the creation of alternative COVID-19 covers. In one way or another, these masks have proven to be useful in protecting users from the Nobel Coronavirus and other protective measures.

Furthermore, it’s recommended by the CDC as an effective protective measure against the spread of this virus. According to the CDC, everyone should wear fabric facemasks when in public, especially in areas where it’s challenging to maintain a six-foot radius social distancing. 

DIY masks


Hand made face mask

Many DIY videos and articles can guide you on making your masks using raw materials available at your disposal. However, if you make a mistake along the way, you will be exposing yourself to this virus. 

DIY masks are good, especially if you are not a health worker. If you are taking care of a patient who may be positive, then N95 surgical or respiratory masks are the best options. DIY costumes are best if you are protecting yourself in a public set up. 

And that’s not all, during this time; you should be maintaining a six-foot social distance and exercise personal hygiene. Without implementing other protective measures, the DIY masks alone cannot protect you. 

When making, use fabric materials that are water-friendly for easy sanitization. In this case, cotton material is highly recommended. Also, ensure the design fits around your face perfectly and prevents entry of unfiltered air. 

Structurally, your masks will have at least two layers of material. In the middle, you can leave a pocket for filters. However, you will have to take the screen out every time you are washing the masks.

Additionally, don’t forget to incorporate a wire or copper ribbon for your nose bridge. This wire/ribbon will enhance the perfect fit and prevent the entry of air from above your nose. Lastly, pleating your mask is also not a bad idea. These type of covers fits better. 

Recommendation When it comes to Coronavirus Masks

  • CDC recommends that every time you are in public areas, ensure you put on face masks, especially in crowded areas. It will significantly prevent community transmission of this virus. This is essential, especially in a situation where you cannot maintain a two-meter radius around you. 
  • Coronavirus masks are not recommended to specific groups of people in our society. They include children who are two years, a person who cannot remove the mask on their own, unconscious individual, or a person with breathing complications. 
  • Purchase N95 masks and respirators from brands or sellers who are trustworthy 
  • If you opt for DIY or fabric masks, you need to exercise caution as they can be the reason for you to contract this virus. With a high demand for these masks, some cartels opt to make inadequate quality fabric masks to make huge profits and meet the demand. For your protection, ensure that the masks have at least two layers and can cover from below your chin to the nose bridge. Also, it should not leave any gaps on the side, which can become a portal for this virus’s entry. 

NOTE: It’s imperative to exercise other protective measures apart from wearing of masks for maximum protection. By being reluctant to one, you increase the chances of contracting this virus and fueling its spread. Therefore, to curb the spread of this virus, charity should begin with you protecting yourself accordingly. 

Final Remark

Many health organizations around the world, including your local health authority, are encouraging the wearing of masks to curb the spread of this virus. However, some users would ignore other measures like social distancing just because they are wearing protective masks. 

Thus, to ensure we untidily fight the spread of this virus, every one of us needs to implement every protection measure given by the health authorities. These measures collectively are the only means we can defeat the spread of this disease. Therefore, let’s start with wearing N95 protective masks and implement other measures for maximum protection.

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