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Buy a bidet online and save yourself the cost of purchasing tissue paper, which frequently doesn’t get the job done as thoroughly as a bidet would. No doubt, the common bathroom choice for most people in the US is a fluffy tissue paper roll, but the bidet is steadily gaining popularity in the United States.

 One of the contributing factors to this change this trend is the recent pandemic, which has increased in the value of good old tissue paper.

Bidets offer several benefits to individuals of all ages and gender. Besides cleansing more thoroughly than the average tissue paper, bidet cleansing is gentler and more soothing.

 This is huge for folks with bowel conditions such as IBS, hemorrhoids, and constipation. The damaged tissue is sure to heal faster with bidet cleansers. To top it off, bidets are eco-friendly compared to tissue papers.


What is a bidet?

This is a bathroom plumbing fixture that uses a stream of water to cleanse genital areas (front and rear) to give users that clean, fresh feeling after a bathroom session. Most people are not familiar with bathroom bidets as it is more common outside the US. This article will provide you with the necessary tips as to what to look for when you decide to buy a bidet online.

Now there are different types of bidets, so don’t be surprised when you hit our website. General bidet types are:

  • Bidet attachments
  • Bidet seats


  • Integrated toilet and bidet units


  • Classic bidet


  • Handheld sprayers


Handy bidet offers you two of the best types there are and smooth service to enable you to buy a bidet online with ease and zero stress: the toilet bidet and the handheld bidet.

Let’s take a look at their perks.

Toilet Bidet

Handy-Bidet-Toilet -Seat

Handy bidet toilet seat

Toilet bidets are designed to look like regular toilet seats. They are fixed directly onto your toilet for efficiency and effectiveness. Toilet bidets come in electric and non-electric models to offer users variety according to preference.  

Electric bidet seats are operated using a wireless remote or a sidearm control panel. For non-electric toilet bidets, levers and knobs which are operated manually are used to cleanse.

Toilet bidets are a unique medium between integrated toilet units and bidet attachments, and they come in different styles and sizes to suit your budget.

Handheld bidet


Hand- held bidet

These are similar to your regular kitchen sink sprayer. Handheld bidets are designed with long, flexible hoses to enable you to maneuver in the desired direction and are mounted beside your toilet. When using a handheld bidet, point the sprayer towards the area you wish to cleanse then squeeze the trigger to release the water.


Other tips you should know.

With handy bidets, you are not only getting the best options when you want to buy a bidet online, but we also provide value at reasonable prices. On the market, a standard bidet costs a chunky $250 and $500-$700 if you are going for something more high-end. 

Furthermore, installing a bidet uses plumbing, meaning that you should budget at least $200 for installation and an extra $20 for supplies. However, at Handy Bidet, you are guaranteed quality bidets for as low as $69-$79 dollars. Pretty amazing if you ask me. 

Bidets do not just save you the costs of buying tissue paper; they come with a wide range of health benefits. Unlike the abrasive tissue paper, most folks are used to; bidets remove waste residue and bacteria more effectively. Having a bidet is also a relief for individuals with limited mobility or on the elderly side.


Toilet paper

In the meantime, nobody likes to have wet stains on their clothes after a visit to the bathroom; you can easily use the toilet paper or towel usually on a ring near the bidet to dry off your nether region. Some bidets even feature a warm air dryer to give you that efficient hands-free experience in the bathroom.

Our bidet specialties allow you to do your thing quickly and neatly, making sure you leave the bathroom with as much confidence as when you came in.  Take a look and get one today.

  1. I never knew about Bidets, probably because like you said it is more common outside of the US.

    Sound’s like an interesting group of products that might be of interest to some of my friends. I’ll send them this article.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’ve always wanted to fix an electric bidet for my toilet. Particularly one that automatically opens and closes the cover. I’m all for efficiency and installing a bidet also means fewer trees are cut down.

    Never thought that getting one online is an option.

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