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Having the best survival water filter straw in your emergency kit or backpack is necessary if you love the outdoors and enjoy traveling. 

The market is filled with thousands of water filtering products designed for home or outdoor purposes.

However, a survival water filter straw provides and purifies contaminated water directly from lakes, rivers, or streams, providing a dependable source of drinkable water, no matter your location. 

When hiking or camping, you’re bound to run out of drinking water. During emergencies as well, clean drinking water may become scarce. Fortunately, a water filter straw is capable of safeguarding yourself, family, or team from dehydration. 

Widely popular in (and initially designed for) disadvantaged countries with little or no access to drinkable water, water filter straws have been saving lives and helping millions of people. Today, these straws have been enhanced to filter water for adventurers, campers, and survivalists around the world. 

The best survival water filter straw is Sagan Life XStream Straw.

Powerful filtration

Sagan Life XStream Straw wins every time because it is one of the most convenient straw filters on the market. 

Designed to filter out 99.999 percent of bacteria like E. coli, 99.99 percent of parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia, and 99.99 percent of viruses, XStream Straw is EPA certified to give value for your money.

Aside from eliminating microbes from contaminated water, this product efficiently lowers the levels of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, and heavy metals (arsenic and lead), which are often found in tap water and natural water bodies.

Taste quality

Sagan Life XStream Straw’s filtration system is chemical-free; the product uses a 2.0-micron filter size as well as a unique mesh, which turns polluted water to freshwater.

Contaminated water passes through the product’s effective filtration system, taking out organisms and chemicals that give water a bad taste. Clean water is very low in contaminants, and XStream Straw ensures that.


Sagan Life XStream Straw is an extendable water filter straw. You can extend the hose from 2 feet to up to 4 feet. Because it’s a straw-like product, you can drink directly from the lake, river, or stream. XStream Straw’s extendibility means you don’t have to lay down to use it. Even children can drink from it.

Unlike other similar products, this product’s incredible extendibility also means you can access (and purify) water from a distance—2 to 4 feet from the water source, keeping you clean and dry while drinking. 

Filtering capacity

The XStream Straw can clean up to 250 gallons (945 liters) of polluted water. That is quite impressive. The filtration speed is terrific as well, providing a fast flow rate that lets you drink water almost instantly.

Sharing water

The product comes with a bulb pump accessory that lets you share water. The bulb pump also enables you to fill your containers and wash your food with purified water. Of course, this means you can connect the straw to your camping water bottle.

Portability and durability

ultralight backpacking water filter

This chemical-free water filter is super lightweight and portable, weighing about 5 oz. This means you can easily fit XStream Straw into your backpack or emergency survival kit. The product has no moving or wearable parts, so it is quite durable. Moreover, XStream Straw can still function effectively when frozen or dropped.


The product is easy to clean, and the filter is clog-free. There is no need for batteries, and the straw filter does not have any moving parts.

Who needs it?

For backpackers and outdoor adventurers, Sagan Life XStream Straw is a lifesaver, especially in areas with little access to clean water. The product can also fortify your emergency survival kit. During natural or humanmade emergencies, the municipal water supply is often disrupted, and local stores run out of drinking water. XStream Straw will help protect you and your family from dehydration.

How to use

Sagan Life XStream Straw is simple to use. Put the end of the straw into the water source and start sucking, just like a regular straw, the water comes up, passing through the product’s filtration system. 

The smart, long-tube design of Sagan XStream Straw beats other straw filters because users don’t have to stick their face to the water source.

The bulb pump accessory can be connected to the end of the hose, allowing you to fill up your jugs and bottles. 

In between uses, let the straw filter dry out.


  1. The filtration system is compact and lightweight
  2. Removes 99.999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent, and 99.99 percent of viruses
  3. Relatively affordable
  4. Reduces the concentration of chemicals and heavy metals in dirty water
  5. Easy to use
  6. Extendable and provides access to the water source from a “safe” distance 


  • Does not purify saltwater sources

Before buying

Before purchasing any survival water filter straw, you should consider portability, which XStream Straw provides, particularly during camping or hiking. This water purification straw is one of the most compact straw filters on the market.

Another factor is the micron rating. The best straws after the smallest micron rating. XStream Straw has one of the best micron rating (0.2 microns) on the market. And if you’d be drinking from a river or lake near the city, going for the lowest micron is vital.

Of course, you will also want to purchase a product that is not only effective but also affordable. Thankfully, XStream Straw is budget-friendly. 


Sagan Life XStream Straw is the best survival water filter straw. It is lightweight and small enough to fit into backpacks. With a powerful filtrating system, you won’t have to worry about harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites in contaminated water. With its easy-of-use filtration technology, the EPA-certified product lets you drink straight from any water source.

You can buy Sagan Life XStream Straw here.

  1. Ohhh, this looks so great. I have never heard of such straws and I can imagine if I had seen someone drinking out of a lake with it, I would have thought they’d gone mad. LOL
    But it’s brilliant. Maybe I want one if my dream of having a campervan comes true!

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