If you suspect mold problems in your home, air mold test kits are easy ways to test your suspicions. With early detection of toxic mold spores in your home’s air quality, you work toward remediation. 

Air mold test kits are often useful when used in your HVAC systems, as airborne mores spores thrive more in heating and air conditioning vents.

Here are 2 of the best air mold test kits you can get on Amazon.


  • DIY MoldCheck Mold Test Kit


DIY MoldCheck Mold is sold as a multi-testing product, capable of both air testing as well as visual comparison. According to the manufacturers, it does not identify the mold type (genus name) but locates the source of your mold problem. The kit consists of 10 test films you can place around the house, an activating solution, a mold investigation guide, and a remediation guide. To use DIY MoldCheck, open the film, let it sit for 60 minutes, then add a drop of the activating solution. The product does not come with lab analysis. 

Amazon ratings: 4.4/5


  • MOLDetect

MoldDetect test kit not only determines whether you have a mold problem; you can also mail your samples to identify the name of the mold. The package is a sticky tape you can use in your HVAC systems to detect the presence of mold spores. This is done by placing the tape on dusty surfaces to trap settled mold spores.

Lab results are said to be available after three days. Even if mold is not visible, the manufacturers accept dust samples. Test results will then determine the harmfulness of the mold. 

Amazon ratings: 4.4/5

Final notes

  • Mold testing has several procedures. You can measure airborne spores by assessing the indoor air quality. This test is often practical when carried out in the vents of your HVAC systems
  • You can surface-test to determine the presence of growing mold or settled mold spores. 
  • Then you can collect samples and send them to a laboratory for analysis. By identifying the type of mold you’re dealing with, you can then carefully choose a remediation step. 
  • Most air mold test kits consist of a Petri dish where you may have to add a growth medium. The dish is allowed to sit for 48 to 96 hours to determine the presence of mold.
  • If you suspect your health problem may be associated with mold spores in the air but cannot see molds, getting an air mold test kit is a smart investment.

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